Can You Buy Marijuana Paraphernalia Online? The Short and Long of It

In today’s ever-changing social climate, what is it legal to buy and where?

What is Paraphernalia?


I grabbed this definition from Google’s dictionary. So, it seems to me that in order to be considered paraphernalia it has to be integral, necessary or at least useful in regard to the activity undertaken. So, that brings us back to the original question, “can you buy marijuana paraphernalia online?” and the answer is complicated. I think to fully answer the question we need to first understand exactly what makes a particular tool paraphernalia.


This is what has always made this whole issue so murky for me. It seems to me that a lighter could be considered paraphernalia. There are plenty of illicit drugs out there that require combustion of one form or another in their particular delivery system.

But there are way more people out there carrying lighters so they can light the government taxed tobacco cigarettes they bought at the store. So I guess lighters
are common enough for legal activity that it’s not even worth lighters being considered as evidence of criminal intent.

Pocket lighters are used for a myriad of other purposes such as camping, candles, getting rid of nose hair, etc.

When I decided to start selling lighters, I never considered whether they might be paraphernalia simply because you can buy them anywhere. They don’t sell anything bad at Wal-Mart do they? Ya, okay.

Pipes and Papers

When I was a kid I wasn’t really around any pipe smokers or weed smokers. The only thing I knew about pipes was how sweet and aromatic they were when they were lit. The smell seemed to fill the entire room. I remember smoking cigarette tobacco out of corncob pipes with my friends when we were teenagers.

An empty aluminum soda can, crushed in slightly with a small puncture can be a very serviceable pipe. Same goes for a piece of fruit that’s carved out or a drilled carrot would last forever. Anyhow, once a person smokes illegal drugs out of them, they are paraphernalia.

And the papers. When was the last time you saw someone roll their own tobacco cigarette? You probably never have, maybe never will. But if you have friends who live in a state where cannabis is legal, then it’s possible they use those papers bought at CVS to administer their medicine.

But if a person in a THC illegal state commits the same action then the papers are paraphernalia. It’s all about the laws where you live, your intent and of course, the authorities’ willingness to enforce laws that they may or may not personally agree with.


Vaporizers make things really confusing. It is possible to carry a device which is capable of vaporizing nicotine ejuice and cannabis oil. It’s as simple as unthreading a cartridge and screwing another one on.

Hell, there’s nothing keeping a person from mixing cannabis oil into their nicotine juice. That makes me think about the last trip I took to my local head shop.

Keep in mind I live in a state where THC is illegal. There is no medical or recreational marijuana.

But I walk into my local head shop and it looked like some pictures I see on the internet of products being sold in states where cannabis is legal. They had hash wax made from hemp. They had CBD oil made from hemp that was marketed as a nicotine ejuice additive.

I don’t think a vaporizer could be considered paraphernalia these days any more than a lighter could. And to further complicate matters, how are they going to determine if you have used it for illegal purposes? Well, if there’s residue in the vaporizer and THC in your system…but how do they measure the THC in your system?

A simple Google search will clear that up, huh? No, not so much. There is no reliable test to determine how “high” a person is from THC.

Stash Containers

Once again, I’ve seen weed hidden in places where you remove weed from the situation and there’s absolutely no way there’s paraphernalia. Anything with a secret compartment could be paraphernalia if it is concealing marijuana in an illegal state. Obviously, my perspective is from the United States. That’s what makes it worse, other countries have different regulations than the US and the United States can’t even agree amongst ourselves or our federal government.

There are still states where retailers and distributors are made to jump through hoops to get products on the shelf by arcane laws restricting alcohol percentages and the condition they are allowed to be sold in.

Let’s hope we find a little better uniformity on cannabis than we did on the liquor laws. It’s an odd position to find yourself. I live in a state where cannabis is illegal. The federal government says cannabis is illegal. I’m all for state’s rights but what if my state is afraid to ignore federal law?

I believe strongly that we need to start listening to each other. Not only that but we need to start speaking plainly to each other and actually caring for each other.


Seem More Complicated Than It Needs to Be?

None of it makes any logical sense. I sell vintage collectible lighters and I have a Twitter account for that purpose. At least four times in the last month, I have received a direct message from someone offering to sell me marijuana or marijuana and pills. They don’t know anything about me and they are not even worried about that.

Sometimes I think we get comfortable and then when we face resistance we tend to accept things we should not accept because we don’t want to lose all the things that make us comfortable. The whole while, growing more and more uncomfortable.

Regardless, I don’t think there’s any way any of the products that you’re able purchase legally on Amazon can be considered paraphernalia.

At least until you intend to use them for illegal purposes…

Please email, text or leave your comments below



New Torch Lighter Review: Ronson, Ultimate Survival Technologies, Premium Spark

ReviewActual 5 Lighters Being Reviewed

In the last year, I have purchased no less than five new butane torch lighters. This article will review the pros and cons of these five lighters along with the price I paid and the place I bought each lighter. The links provided will take you to that product’s page on By you clicking these links and purchasing, we will earn a commission. Your price will be the same whether you click our link or navigate to Amazon some other way.



Product: Ronson Jetlite Butane Torch Lighter

Ronson Jetlite Butane Torch Lighter
Ronson Jetlite Butane Torch Lighter

Place of Purchase: Amazon

Fuel Type: Butane

Warranty: 1 Year

Cons: Doesn’t do anything special(except light your cigarette when you need it to)

Pros: Good flame, easy to refuel and adjust, solid construction

My Rating: 10 out of 10

The Ronson Jetlite Butane Torch Lighter is a no-frills, what you see is what you get performer. The controls are simple and straight forward. The case is rugged and all visible parts are metal. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns but the basic design of the lighter itself has a Gothic flare. The Ronson Jetlite came pre-fueled, so that made it really convenient. The solid body cast construction lends its heft, it feels like a tool in your hand. The hinge spring is tight and holds open and closed admirably. I believe this is the lighter to buy if you’re looking for the best value on the best quality in a New lighter

Product: Ultimate Survival Technologies Klipp Lighter

Ultimate Survival Technologies Klipp Lighter
Ultimate Survival Technologies Klipp Lighter



Place of Purchase:

Fuel Type: Butane

Warranty: 2 Year

Cons: Plastic construction, difficult to adjust

Pros: Reliable ignition, versatile

My Rating: 9 out of 10
The UST Klipp Lighter with Biner is an excellent choice for outdoorsmen of all kinds. The included biner allows attachment to a belt loop, MOLLE or just about anywhere else. The lighter itself is really reliable even if it is a little difficult to adjust up or down. The only thing that keeps this lighter from getting a perfect score is its plastic construction and the effort that is required to adjust the flame. I quit trying to adjust it because I was afraid I was going to break it while adjusting it. And while the biner clip is nice, it’s not all that sturdy. If you have this thing hanging off you somewhere and it were to get snagged, that plastic biner could break without you knowing it and leave you in desperate need of fire. Not that big a deal for most smokers, I personally don’t leave the house without two lighters. But what if I still carry two but also clip this one somewhere and just sort of forget about it? Now, you see, I got a backup to my backup.

Product: Luxury Butane Torch Lighter

Luxury Butane Torch Lighter
Luxury Butane Torch Lighter


Place of Purchase: Walmart

Fuel Type: Butane

Warranty: N/A

Cons: Quit working after second refueling, lock switch

Pros: Came fueled

My Rating: 5.5 out of 10
This lighter did alright for a couple fuelings, then just completely crapped out on me. The little electro spark mechanism still works and when you pull the trigger it sounds like gas is flowing out but no matter how I adjust it, it will not light. It’s too bad because it really seemed like a solid lighter at first. I will say this, this lighter has a feature that I’m not sure that I want a lighter to have. This Luxury Butane Torch Lighter has a lock feature that allows you to ignite the flame and then lock the valve open. I’ve had more than one fire in my hands and “locking” the fuel valve open on a lighter just seems like a bad idea to me.

Product: Ultimate Survival Technologies Wayfinder Lighter

UST Wayfinder Lighter
UST Wayfinder Lighter


Place of Purchase: Amazon

Fuel Type: Butane

Warranty: 2 Year

Cons: Plastic construction, very difficult to adjust

Pros: Dependable, sturdy, locks shut

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10
I like this lighter a lot. And really the only thing I count against this one is the near impossible ability to adjust the jet. Yes, it’s made of plastic on the outside and you all know how I feel about plastic but this lighter feels really sturdy. It has a metal clip that holds the lid securely closed. And when you unclip it, you still have to push a little spring-loaded button for the lid to pop open and expose the igniter button. It also has a compass and lanyard loop, giving it added versatility. If you’re a deer hunter, this is a great lighter for you! Perfect color, dependable light for your cigarette(if that’s what you call it) and there’s a compass in case you get lost. I know a lot of hunters and I have been a hunter all my life. One thing I think we all have in common is our life may have never been dependent on us having a compass on hand but there’s been a handful of times that a compass would’ve come in pretty handy.

Product: Spark 4-in-1 Multi-tool Lighter

Premium Spark 4-in-1 Lighter
Premium Spark 4-in-1 Lighter


Place of Purchase: Amazon

Fuel Type: Butane

Warranty: N/A

Cons: Cheap tools, wouldn’t refuel

Pros: Came fueled, worked great until it ran out of fuel

My Rating: 5 out of 10

The Premium Spark 4-in-1 is a nice idea and properly executed, could have worked. A sort of latter-day Swiss Army knife of lighters. And it feels solid in the hand but the first time you try to use one of those tools that’s attached, you’ll likely find it inferior in quality to plastic cutlery. It’s just cheaply made and while the lighter initially worked well, when it ran out of fuel I never could get it to refuel.


I can recommend the Ronson Jetlite Butane Torch Lighter without question or regard to taste. It is simply the best value on the highest quality available on the market today. You will never go wrong carrying a Ronson in your pocket.

Both UST Ultimate Survival Technologies lighters are well worth the money. They are quality-made, I’m just not a fan of plastic when it can be avoided.

The other two, the Luxury Torch and Premium Spark, I would not purchase again. They were cheaply made and while they would be better than nothing, they would not be any more reliable.

Please leave any comments or questions at the bottom of the page or email or text anytime,



What To Do With Old Cigarette Lighters: Can They Be Repaired?

With just a little attention, many of these old relics would be as useful as ever.

The Wheat from the Chaff

I recently purchased several large lots of old cigarette lighters. There are always certain attributes of a lot that pique my interest. If the lighters were purchased online then ordinarily I don’t really know much about them until I get them in my hands.

For instance, I may purchase a lot containing 40 lighters that I have to judge off

Champ Austria
Champ Austria Lighter

one photo. Still, there are things that catch your eye:

  • Leather wrapped
  • Nice, shiny looking Zippo in an old box
  • Sterling or gold markings
  • 3 barrel hinge

Champ Austria Leather Wrapped

So, I had seen this lighter in the photo and thought it looked pretty cool but it wasn’t until I received the package in the mail that I knew exactly what I was dealing with.

From that photo, same view as the one above, my guess would have been a flip top wick lighter but it could just as easily have been butane.

My heart sank though when I picked it up and the lid just fell freely open. Flip top lighters generally employ some form of tension to enable them to flip open and hold shut.

Some times that is achieved with a spring or cam and other times a method is used which is more resistance than tension. Anyway, there are numerous variations and combinations but this Champ lighter had the more crude resistance type tension.

I was glad to see that because it is the simplest of these systems to fix.

But I didn’t want to go and ruin the value of a lighter that a collector would pay a lot of money for. So, I did a quick EBay search and determined that there apparently isn’t much premium put on these old Champ lighters($5-$20) which makes it a perfect lighter for me to fool around with and put in my pocket for a while.

The Resistance “Spring”

With this type system, there is usually a straight, sometimes heat treated piece of metal attached in some fashion to the back of the insert. Now that I think of it, that straight piece of metal is a form of a spring.

Problem with this lighter was that piece of metal was broken off. I needed some kind of metal that was rigid enough to provide the tension but pliable enough that it could be cut, filed and shaped without anything other than snips and a hand file.

I settled on using a relatively thick blade from an old feeler gauge. Used a small pair of pliers to curl the sides of the blade and then the snips and file to round off the corners and the burrs caused by cutting. Then I just slowly, checking the spacing pretty often, worked it with some medium sandpaper until it fit just right.

I left the top squared off for now to make sure it was visible in the photo but when I cut it down I just have to make sure not to cut it too short. It’s a lot easier to snip a little bit more off than it is to shape a whole other blade.


Other Features of the Champ Austria Lighter

On the surface, it looks like so many of the other “Windproof” lighters made in the past century. But despite having to fix the tension problem, I think this may be a lighter I hold onto for a while.

It has a really cool leather wrapped grip that seems to be more sturdy than similar others I’ve seen.

The chimney cage design is particularly clever. It swivels on the same rivet that holds the flint wheel. Champ AustriaThat allows access to the wick that is impossible with most other systems. It also appears more than strong enough to use as a handle to gain leverage when removing the insert from the case.

It also has a cool little lightweight metal cover panel that is held in place by the flint screw. It is recessed and there’s a slot in the middle which makes refueling pretty easy if you’re careful.

And thanks to the spring that I fashioned, it holds closed better than any lighter that I have ever owned.

Are You a Collector? Smoker? Camper? Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse?

Whatever it is that causes you to need fire, doesn’t really matter. I need it to light my medicine at any time of the day or night. Occasionally, I need it to light a lantern. Every now and then, I use it to light a water heater or furnace.

I intend to fill these posts with as much helpful and useful information as I can Champ Austriaabout old cigarette lighters. I will also be posting about some of the ways we employ fire and perhaps some alternatives or rediscovered uses, gadgets, etc.

If you collect vintage cigarette lighters, I would love to hear your comments. My main purpose is putting quality old lighters back into service. I have discussed that in another post. But there is a part of me that understands the desire to collect things, I just like to collect things that not only work but I am able to put to use.

I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in performing similar repairs or having similar repairs done for you. Maybe you have an heirloom lighter that you don’t want to take the chance of losing in the mail. Comment below, email, text or call. I would love to help you. I spent 25 yrs working for the U.S. Postal Service.

Now, this is what I do. Buy, sell, sometimes fix, fool around with old cigarette lighters. I am up late every night(that’s when the magic happens) so hit me up. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

And please remember that we are IN SEARCH OF old lighters of all kinds: new old stock, lots, need service, whatever. We accept consignments on arrangement.




Collectible Vintage Lighters: Allen-Haddock Co. Sterling Silver 3 Barrel

A Lighter Mechanic’s Conundrum

A Needle in a Haystack

One of the coolest things about buying and selling collectible vintage lighters is the sheer number of different lighters that pass through my hands. I love seeing them but what I really want is to use them.

I do after all sell vintage lighters that are in working order so I fuel up and spark a good many of them. And while I am an advocate for using old lighters I also need to

Allen-Haddock Co. Lighter
Allen-Haddock Co. Sterling Lighter

pay the bills.

That means the coolest, most attractive, collectible lighters do not usually get to make fire before they are sent on to their new home. If working on it could damage the value of a lighter that I intend to sell then I generally don’t.

But every now and then I encounter a lighter that seems to be an apparition, like the last time it sparked written history was wiped clean of its existence.

Yet, there it is sitting in the palm of my hand like it belongs there and my thumb itching to give it a strike.


I purchased the lighter for $10 and that is all I knew about it. So I started doing a little research on ALLEN-HADDOCK lighters and I found a few listings but most of them were old and none of them were sterling. Long story short, I exhausted my usual sources of information.

I’m telling you, that lighter was begging me for a drink. I knew it just wanted to catch fire but I couldn’t stop it. And to be honest I felt a huge relief when I pulled out the insert and found it to be missing its Allen-Haddock Co.guts: no wick, flint, cotton filling, cover flap or flint screw.

Aha! I’m going to have to work on this lighter anyway so, whether its collectible or not is kind of irrelevant and this might be my one and only chance to own and carry a sterling silver lighter.

Looks Familiar

As a frame of reference, consider the Zippo Slim Windproof Lighter. This Allen-Haddock lighter is about a quarter inch shorter than the Slim and perhaps a shade thinner.

It has a 3 barrel hinge similar to what Zippo had in the late 1940s with the middle bar being wider than the outside bars. It feels very sturdy and closes and holds nicely.

I hear a lot of people talk about the Zippo “ping.” I don’t know if that is a true test of an authentic Zippo. It seems very likely to me that dirt, grime and all sorts gunk could probably affect the sound a lighter makes when opened.

My point though, is this particular ALLEN-HADDOCK lighter makes a sound that does not echo quite Allen-Haddock a Zippo. Nevertheless, it functions flawlessly.

I robbed the innards from a Slim and the flint screw from an old Japanese brass lighter and cut the spring down to an appropriate length. Filled it up with fuel, spun the wheel and what do you know? This is a pretty nifty little lighter.

It is engraved E.H.I. on the front and is clearly marked STERLING on the bottom.

Repairing Vintage Lighters to Use

That’s about all I know so far about Allen-Haddock lighters that were apparently manufactured in Atlanta, GA. I hope to run across more of these lighters soon. There are a ton of other old lighters out there that are still capable of making fire or perhaps would be with just minor repairs.

If you have a favorite lighter that doesn’t work anymore or would like to repair one as a gift for a loved one, leave a comment at the bottom of the page or send an email or text. I check them often.

If you would like to perform the repairs yourself, I will answer any questions, provide you with any resources that I have access to or maybe you’re just stuck and need to bounce some ideas off someone. I’m all ears, I’m here to help and I would love to see you or your loved one lighting up with a lighter that might have thought it had been forgotten.

If you’d like a lighter repaired but don’t want to do it yourself then I am your man. Just shoot me a message and we’ll see what you have, come to an agreement(assuming the lighter can be repaired) and go from there.

I would also like to know if you have lighters that you’d like to sell or would be interested in consigning to me to sell for you.

This Sterling Lighter Is Mine, for now…

I’d really appreciate readers sharing any info or thoughts you have about this Allen-Haddock lighter or any other vintage smoking aids.

I would guess that at some point I will sell this lighter. With the info I have right now, I would be taking a stab in the dark regarding a value(the silver alone is worth more than I paid for it) so Allen-Haddock Co.I’m not sure where I would price it to sell on EBay.

But if I do list it I will include a link on this page and it will include a Make Offer option.

So until then, please share any info you might have and I’ll make sure and keep this lighter working.


Zippo Lighters for Sale on Amazon: A Lighter Mechanic’s Review

Modern Technology Makes Amazon Your Best Bet For Authentic Zippos

Where’d All The Salesmen Go?

Back in the day there were actually guys(not being sexist, remember this was a long time ago, they didn’t even have the internet) that went door to door with briefcases full of samples of products that they were authorized to sell.

The world doesn’t work that way anymore. People don’t sit around waiting for some poor salesman to show up and sell them something. They get on Google, type in something like “Zippo lighters for sale on…” and they buy it.

This is good for the consumer because you don’t have to worry about whether thatZippo Windproof Lighter New Zippo is authentic. Zippo would not allow Amazon to sell their products if they were also selling counterfeits.

A Zippo is a Tool Meant to Perform a Job

I know a lot of people like to collect Zippo lighters. I own a few myself that mean more to me than any sum of cash they could potentially fetch. The cool thing about Zippos though, is that brand new Zippo that you buy today will probably last the rest of your lifetime.

Ya, you’ll probably have to add fuel to it once a week for the rest of your life too. But how much of an inconvenience is that really? Truth be told the first time you run out of fuel with a Zippo, or any other refillable lighter for that matter, you’ll be glad you can refill it.

Lighter fluid is cheap and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you purchased a great product that will have less impact on the environment than its plastic counterparts.


There’s really only one thing to put in this list and I’ve already mentioned it. It is the perceived need to constantly refill a Zippo as opposed to that cheap plastic lighter that you throw away. It is undeniable that Zippos do leak fluid.

That leak is by evaporation and there are some hacks or tricks that one can employZippo Insert in that regard. However, if you never take any steps to seal your new Zippo against evaporation, you still made a fine choice.

I would bet that most smokers waste just as much fluid from plastic lighters that break, leak or get lost.


Not only do we have multiple things for this list, it’s hard to decide where to start.

  • There’s a Zippo for everyone. Whatever your interests, there’s bound to be a Zippo Windproof Lighter with a team logo, brand name, design, precious metal, etc. that would make you proud to call it your own.
  • If you take care of it a Zippo will never let you down. It only has a few parts. Not only that but Zippo has never charged for a single repair. They are world-famous for their lifetime guarantee so if it ever needs repair then it’ll cost you a few bucks to mail it to them but you’ll have your lighter back and in working order usually within weeks.
  • A Zippo can be handed down as an heirloom to a relative or friend.
  • A Zippo can be given as a gift for just about any occasion, a smoker can never have too many dependable lighters.
  • The Zippo is a proven design, time tested and still making fire.
  • You can personalize some Zippo lighters with engraving or your organization’s logo.
  • You can store extra flint underneath the lift tab where you fill it with fuel. This way when your flint is spent, you just drop in another and keep on sparking.
  • A Zippo is an excellent choice if you plan to use a hemp wick. I would suggest a plain brushed chrome model.
  • In case of a zombie apocalypse, I’d much rather have a Zippo in my pocket than a cheap plastic lighter. It’s hard to refill those disposable lighters but with a Zippo there would be a multitude of suitable fuels available.
  • If you like to have plenty of lighters on hand, Zippo is great because the parts Zippo Slimare all so interchangeable. Wicks, flint, fuel, inserts are pretty much two sizes fit all: Zippo and Zippo Slim but even they use the same flint and wick.

You Can Never Go Wrong With A Zippo

I believe I have provided more than enough reasons to be able to confidently recommend Zippo if you are planning to purchase a new lighter.

That being said, I’d like you to consider something. Zippo has been making their lighters since 1932. Now think of all that has changed since Zippo started producing this Iconic American product.

In 1932, there were still a lot of Americans with no indoor toilet. Telephones had to be plugged into the wall. People smoked wherever they wanted whenever they wanted. There had only been one World War. I don’t think people even had televisions yet in 1932.

Weed wasn’t illegal yet, that didn’t happen until The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

My point is a lot has changed in the world since 1932 but the Zippo Windproof Lighter has changed very little. There have been countless advances made in the art of fire technology yet the Zippo is always there when the new technology fails.

USB lighters seem to be all the rage these days but I just keep thinking, “what are they gonna do if there’s no electricity available?” I don’t want my ability to light up being dependent on electricity. We had fire long before we harnessed electricity. We can survive without electricity and someday we may have to.

I would appreciate any and all comments. You can contribute yours at the bottom of any page. I am constantly in search of old lighters to purchase. New old stock, collections, I’ll buy any well-made refillable lighter really, for the right price. If you Zippo Windproof Lighterthink you have something worth me buying or if you’d like to consign your lighters to me to sell for you, shoot me an email: or call Dependable Flame anytime: (405)693-5678





Vintage Cigarette Lighters for Sale: Salvaging Our Past to Save Our Future

An exploration of a lighter that time forgot.

I Am a Lighter Mechanic

I buy and sell vintage lighters on EBay. Most of what I buy are in bigger lots purchased from various sources. As you can imagine, I come across some very interesting things and am constantly being educated about vintage cigarette lighters for sale that are still relevant in today’s market.

I have been wanting to write this article for some time now. Before I get to the lighter I’m going to focus on today, I’d like to tell you a little more about myself.

I think I’m just naturally curious but I also grew up with a father who could fix anything. He loved to work on cars and as a child, the time spent in the garage with my father was priceless. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything in the world.

In the world we live in today, there’s not much room left for folks who like to work

Made in TENN, USA
Park Lighter

with their hands. Cars are controlled by computers. Phones are computers. It seems we are well on our way to everything being controlled by computers. There are even cigarette lighters you plug into a USB port.

I prefer my fire to be actual fire not some electronic facsimile. I would also like this page to be a gathering place for like-minded folks who miss the days when consumer products were fixed rather than being thrown in the trash. So please leave your comments below this article.

I’m here to help and I am sure that I can learn from many who read this as well.

Park Lighter Murfreesboro, TENN USA

When I purchased this lighter I didn’t know anything about Park lighters. I purchased it for several reasons:

  • The striped design was pretty unique and got my attention
  • It was obviously old and brand new(that’s always intriguing for the right price)
  • I get bored looking at the same lighters all the time

You take a chance every time you buy a secondhand item online, so you never know exactly what you are getting until the package arrives and you can inspect it for yourself. When I put my hands on this Park Lighter, I was thrilled. It was obviously brand new, not a mark on it and never had fuel in it. I bought it from a trusted source I have bought from many times in the past, so I wasn’t really worried about Made in TENN, USA
it anyway.

I fuel all my used lighters before listing them and many times will include a photo of the lit lighter in the listing. I do not ordinarily fuel new lighters. But as I said earlier, I’m curious.

Flints Will Corrode

So, the flint wheel on this Park Lighter was ceased up. It happens all the time. No big deal. New or not, an idle flint can easily corrode when exposed to moisture in the air.

But now I have a lighter that is still new but requires a repair that would necessitate listing it as used. Probably lost some money by testing that flint wheel.

But I wouldn’t want to sell a lighter(new or used) if the customer wasn’t aware of the condition it is in. That wouldn’t be very good service. And besides if I’m going to sell this lighter as used then I am going to put fuel in it and test it out. Ahh, my favorite part of the job!

Simple, Sleek, Lightweight, Reliable

After fixing my flint wheel problem, I was ready to go.

I would like to note that if you’re used to carrying a Zippo this Park Lighter is about the size of a Slim and feels considerably lighter in weight. There is no tension cam, the tension to flip open or keep shut is provided by a heavy straight metal band attached to the back of the insert. I’m sure this was cheaper than a cam but seems to work just fine.

One other note that I’m sure will concern some is the flint retention screw is made of plastic. If you’ve read any of my posts then you know I’m no fan of plastic. I would prefer that screw have been metal but it’s not and I don’t believe it affects the performance of the lighter one bit. One plastic piece on an old lighter doesn’t Made in TENN, USA change the fact it is a refillable lighter that I believe a person can depend on producing fire when they need it for a very long time to come.

What Are Your Favorite Forgotten Lighters?

This Chequers Scotch Whisky Park Lighter has become one of my favorites.

My experience with this lighter some time back broadened my horizon regarding the sheer number of old lighters available. Just about any lighter is going to have its advantages as well as its flaws.

I am very interested to know the opinions of other vintage lighter enthusiasts as well as anyone else who reads this post. We all have our favorite go-to lighter. Many who read this will have their own personal obscure favorite lighter.

I would like to discuss those lighters and anything else flame related.

I mentioned earlier that I want to help. That is my goal. I believe that despite the disposable world we live in today, there are many who yearn to do something for themselves again. To fix rather than replace. To refill rather than throw away.

I’m here available to answer questions anytime. If you have concerns or just want a second opinion about an EBay listing you want to bid on(even if it’s not my listing) or any other site then just ask. I will always give you my honest opinion and there’s a good chance I may have already seen the item you have questions about.

As I said back at the beginning, I am a lighter mechanic. That’s what I do. So, ask away. If I don’t know the answer then I NEED to know the answer! I have searched the worldwide web, there and back again, and there is a ton of information out there. Let’s discuss it here!