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(If you are contacting with questions about repairing or selling a particular lighter or lighters, please provide clear photos that include the base of the lighter and the top with lid open.)

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If you need to provide photos to illustrate or demonstrate the question you are asking, the Facebook Group is the easiest and quickest way to receive an answer! I respond to posts in the Facebook Group faster than most other ways you can ask your question, plus you also have the added advantage of other members of the group seeing the post and possibly responding with an answer before I am able.

The Facebook Group is a growing assembly of vintage lighter enthusiasts that you are sure to enjoy and benefit from for yrs to come!


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Oklahoma City, OK 73104

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6 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. I love how you do a video on your e bay page!!
    Being a zippo collector and always on the lookout for lighters.
    I’m in canada though ( with an e bay feedback 100% of 201 items mostly zippos) and not sure I could provide a U.S. address for purchasing.Just wanted to say what a great site you have.

    1. Hello, Jim and thank you very much for the nice comments. The videos are important to me so that I can demonstrate to each potential buyer precisely how a particular lighter operates. Regarding international addresses, email me and let’s talk, I can add international bidders to my Exempt List if I am satisfied with their delivery info. Adding you to my Exempt List would enable you to bid on my auctions.✌️

  2. Hi Joseph – I love the site! I’m pretty new to collecting/working on vintage lighters and Im having a tough time locating some parts — in particular flint springs and tiny screws to keep the spring in place. Do you have a vendor/brand for these that you can recommend?

    Thanks for the great resource!

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