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Cogs In The Machine

(August 24, 2021)There were vague and varied notions at play when I created this site in the late summer or early fall of 2017 and my recollections of these  matters aren’t to be trusted. I wasn’t well at the time and wouldn’t be for quite some more.

The constants from then to now have always been vintage petrol lighters and Huntington’s Disease awareness. As time passed and things began to fall into motion, elements were added to include the integration of Youtube videos into our Ebay listings which in turn led to instructional lighter repair videos and others highlighting the ashtrays, tobacciana and other useful mechanisms that I run across in the course of buying and repairing old lighters.

While much of the work so far has been sporadic, I am now settled in and publishing video to YouTube each weekday morning. Accompanying Ebay listings should follow shortly for most lighters in the videos.

I also hope to write many more lighter articles for the site.

The Genesis

Made In Japan Pepsi-Cola Advertising Lighter

The design of the Zippo lighter is as simple as it is genius. The first petrol lighter I ever purchased was a Zippo. It wasn’t vintage at all but a brand new plain brushed chrome. Many old, salvaged lighters from countless brands and makers followed and lead to what is now DEPENDABLEFLAME.COM. We aim to highlight products and ideas that are timeless. Devices, gadgets and projects that are worth the effort in any generation or age. We believe that some aspects of all our lives have become too disposable. No one seems to want to fix anything anymore. But disposable is seldom responsible…

1969 Air America Zippo

The World We Live In

Everyone says they’re worried about the environment but appear bewitched by the convenience of all today’s plastic products. A can of Zippo fuel would last most smokers for yrs. So, they would save money and not contribute to the consumption of all the damn plastic.

There’s also the issue of how the legalization of cannabis(both medical and recreational) and industrial hemp(ever hear of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937?) could revolutionize our society as we see more and more the dangers of relying on chemicals and plastics which pollute our minds, our bodies and the environment we ALL share.

Cannabis can provide help for many currently suffering from opioid addiction and many other medical and psychological ailments, a crop for farmers who have ground to sow and a revenue source for the government to tax. Literally, everyone wins.

Zippo, Leatherman, Case. Just a few examples of quality, American made, durable tools and products. Real tools that if they’re treated right(and often even if they’re not) will last your lifetime and probably be passed down again by whomever you leave them to.

This page is dedicated to my father, who always had the right tool.

Please direct ANY questions, comments or suggestions to: bossman@dependableflame.com

Huntington’s Disease Awareness

The man in the photograph above is my father. He was the most capable man I ever met. In that photo, I believe he is in his late twenties. He is strong, quick-witted and sure of himself. He is at the peak of health both physically and mentally. He’ll go on about his business for another 25 yrs before he suffers any apparent symptoms of a disease that was just as present the day of that photo as it was the day it killed him. But before it killed him, it took us all down a long and painful road. I thank God the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ every day that this nasty disease no longer plagues him. My father died from Huntington’s Disease. And he was always going to die from Huntington’s Disease as long as something else didn’t kill him first.

There are, however, promising treatments being studied…

10% of ALL our Ebay sales Benefit HDSA-Huntington’s Disease Society of America

We also feature penny-start auctions where 100% goes to HDSA!

49 thoughts on “About Dependable Flame: Our Mission Statement”

  1. Thank you for the awareness. I agree with all you have said, and I know from personal experience that cannabis has helped many. Please keep writing, as we all do need to be aware. I especially loved the dedication to your father. God bless!

  2. Thank you for such a great post.
    I agree that our society seems to show concern about polution but at the same time are buying disposable lighters, paper plates and so on.
    The zippo was and is still a must have item. I grew up listening to the sound of it and of course when I got older I became a smoker and had my own. Can’t beat a zippo.
    As for the tribute to your father, I am so sorry for what he and your family went through. You are an awesome person for contributing to the HDSA.
    God Bless You And Your Family

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Lee Ann. I am just an average person but I do serve an awesome God! There has been a lot of promising research lately that has given hope to many, when not too long ago there was no hope. Hopefully, the awareness, research and fundraising will continue until this disease is eradicated.

  3. I have a Vulcan lighter given to me in 1977 following military service over seas. Lighter is about 2″ high. I need replacement flints. I will also need replacement flints for my Dalmin lighter received in 1970. This lighter is 2 1/2” high. Can you help? Thanks.

    1. You bet, Paul. Most of the Vulcan and Dalmin lighters I have seen are flip-top, Zippo style lighters and can use regular old Zippo, Ronson or whatever brand of flint your local Wal-Mart carries. If you don’t have flint available to you locally, email or text me your address and I’ll put a couple in the mail to you. On a related note, are the flint tubes clear of the old flint and residue? If not, I can help you with that too.

    1. Thank you, Kay. I appreciate the bookmark. I was not aware of Perthes Disease but did a little research and that sounds incredibly difficult. I will pray for your husband and I hope that he has the treatment and medication needed for a full life. Cannabis has been a godsend to me as well.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you offer repair services? You see I have this old camera lighter, and it’s got a pretty intricate mechanism kind of like the Thorens Lighters. And I am afraid of not being able to get it back together again. If you like I could send you some pictures of the lighter so you can get a better idea of what I’m up against.
    Thanks, Jesse

    1. Thank you, Jesse for the question. I do offer repair services for many petrol/flint lighters. I don’t generally work on butane or piezoelectric lighters. To get started, simply send me some pictures via email or text. Clear photos of the top and bottom of the lighter with lid and any covers open should give me the clues I need. If I’m able to help you with a repair, we will come to terms before you mail the lighter to me, so that your expectations are fully informed.

  5. Can you repair vintage Trench Lighter WW1. Can not connect to flint. Lighter in good shape. Needs wick also.

  6. Hi Joseph:
    I have an old gold-plated Dunhill Rollalite that works OK but the wick has gotten so short I barely get any flame. I tried pulling more out with needle-nose pliers but the wick just broke off. Now it’s pretty much useless the way it is. Can you replace the wick for me or advise me on the process? What would be the approximate cost?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hello, Steven and thank you for the question. If you are relatively handy, I have some instructional videos that can lead you through the process of rewicking the lighter yourself. But to answer your question, yes I can rewick your Rollalite for you and there wouldn’t be any charge, just an understanding that I’ll likely make and post a video of whatever project the lighter turns into. Email a couple of photos(base and top with lid open) and I’ll respond with instructions on how to mail the lighter. If you cover the postage to me then I’ll get the job done and mail it back to you.✌️

  7. Dear Joseph, I just want to congratulate you in this way, I always follow you and your Youtube channel is excellent with a lot of information and useful tutorials for those of us who love old lighters. Thank you for mentioning me in the Ronson Whirldwind video and thank you for all the information you provide, I send you a big cordial greeting from me.

    1. Thank you, Daniel. I am humbled by the support you show the YouTube channel on a regular basis. I am appreciative for how this benefits the channel and my business overall but also that it provides the opportunity for camaraderie between like-minded fellows who are worlds apart but just a fingertip away. Your channel was one of the first I discovered and has been a favorite as I have been establishing the DependableFlame YouTube channel. The future is bright, my friend.✌️

  8. How often do you post new items on eBay? I am currently trying to find a decent Dunhill Rollalite with silver finish. Thank You for all you do.

    1. I’m trying to catch up on all the lighters I have to list. I am getting ready to list at least one lighter right now. A good deal of my time is dedicated to making videos at the moment but I’ll get around to getting most of the lighters up on Ebay soon.

  9. I found you through the video recommendation of “zippo fanatic 77”. Nice to meet you. I am looking for zippo produced in 1983. Because I was born in that year. Whether it is new or old or style, I hope you have it and plan to sell it.

    1. Hello, Gao. I am very happy to have you here. Zippo Fan77 has been a great friend to the channel. I don’t believe I currently have a 1983 Zippo but I will certainly keep my eye out. You say any style old or new but what about Slim?

  10. Hi, I’ve only recently found your YouTube channel and love it. I can get most of my Ronson’s going but I have just came to a little roadblock. I need to replace and correctly install the plunger mechanism on a a Ronson 20Case. Actually 2. I do have several 20Cases that I could take parts from but I would appreciate some advice. I don’t want to just take apart things for no positive results. Can I file off a river and take it out and reuse it and press a little metal cap or female screw? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Dave T.

    1. Hey, Dave. I’m looking for a Twenty Case to work on and make a video. Really can’t offer any advice until I lay hands on one and see what can be done.✌️

  11. Hey, thanks for being a great resource! A friend let me have a vintage Salem lighter and I wasn’t sure how to get it working. It’s never been used and it was in its little box. I can’t wait to get it working with your website’s help.

  12. Hi! Thank you so much for your work!! Your Youtube channel has helped me repair my collection of Evans table lighters. I work in the cannabis industry and I’m hoping there will be more of a table lighter revival since smoking indoors is slowly being embraced once again. (It’s better than the fires outside) Anyway, I will be making a donation to HDSA on your behalf and I just wanted to thank you again!

    1. Thank you very much Kelly, that is a very thoughtful comment and gesture. HDSA does a lot of important work for those who suffer from Huntington’s disease and their families.
      I really enjoy the work I’m doing here and on YouTube and I appreciate that you are along for the ride.✌️

  13. He there,

    About twenty five years or so ago my wife took and hid my Grandfathers Clark lighter from me (she hated that I smoked). She recently passed away and I FOUND IT!

    If you have some time, I have a few questions for you. I managed to muddle my way through getting it to “work” again, although it really is hit or miss. My thumbs are getting pretty sore and calloused.

    Any help will be Gratefully appreciated!


  14. How do I get arts for a ronsen crown table lighter from the 50 era I need the entire top igniter section

  15. I became interested in lighters recently and randomly. I’ve spent several hours so far watching your videos and have found them incredibly informative and helpful. I know I will learn more in the coming months. Thanks for all your knowledge. I have a lighter I am trying to repair that was handed down from my grandparents and would appreciate some advice or insight on how to fix it. I probably could buy a new insert, but would be more meaningful to fix it myself.

  16. Do you fix lighters? I have vintage Ronson Princess lighter that I would like to have functional again

    1. I no longer repair petrol lighters via the mail. My focus these days is producing instructional petrol lighter repair demonstration videos and articles that we publish to our YouTube channel and DependableFlame.com on a regular basis. I have made some Princess repair videos that you can follow along with to repair your own lighter. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask. Most repair projects that are required to get a petrol lighter up and running again are pretty simple and can be completed by anyone even moderately handy.

  17. I have an old Evans tabletop Spitfire similar to the one in your video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v22oP6jBfQo). I cleaned it up nice but when I put new flints in it sparked once or twice and now it doesn’t generate any spark at all. I think the strike wheel might be worn down, but it looks to be the same as the one you removed at 3:15 of your video. Is there somewhere I can buy a replacement wheel to install? Thx.

    1. Hey Tom, there may occasionally be a cache of Evans parts show up on Ebay but the most probable way for you to acquire any specific replacement part for an Evans lighter is to purchase a similar or identical donor lighter off of Ebay or wherever else old lighters can be found. You might also try asking around in some of the Facebook lighter groups as I have donated parts to folks there myself and have seen others do the same when asked about a specific part.

  18. Hi there, I just watched one of your videos online and I wanted to ask you a few questions. I have got seven Ronson table lighters that are in need of some loving tender care. (3XCrown,3XQueen Anne, 1XLeona)
    Firstly, I would like to know where I can purchase wicks for them.
    Secondly I would like to purchase some flints.
    Thirdly, I would like to purchase some tools to work on them with.

    1. Hey Steven, thanks for the questions! For wicks check out this article. Regarding flints for purchase check out this treatment. Tools may be a somewhat different story as many of them you will have to make yourself but needle nose pliers and picks are fairly common and cheap on Amazon and places like Harbor Freight Tools. If you click through the links in those articles and make a qualifying purchase, I earn a commission but your price will be the same regardless. I hope this helps!

  19. Hi,
    Saw some of your You Tube posts… nice! I just acquired a circa early 1950’s Dunhill Rollalite small “table top” lighter. Not working, of course! Figured out how to replace the flint and get the flint mechanism working. A couple of questions:
    1). This appears to be a “petrol” fired unit, rather than a butane. What do I use to fill and how to fill?
    2). Wick probably needs to replaced. How do I go about that?
    3) What make/kind of flints should I use?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hey Bruce! You just want to use a regular petrol fuel meant to be burned in lighters like Ronsonol or Zippo Lighter Fluid. Just saturate the absorbent wadding under the fill screw on the bottom of the lighter. Dunhill Blue flints will work best but Zippo or Ronson flints that are readily available should work just fine as well. I have written articles for general advice concerning flint and fuel. I have written about wicks as well and how to replace them. I hope this helps and please let me know if you run into any further questions.

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