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The purpose of this page is to have a centralized location from which readers can access resources which are discussed in an article, YouTube video, Ebay listing or other content. I get many questions via the comments section and email relating to methods, materials and tools needed for vintage lighter repair. Some of these links are simply informational and can help you down the road to gaining a blueprint or a better understanding of how petrol lighters work.

Some of these links lead to Amazon, Ebay or some other affiliate website where you can purchase the products we have discussed. If you click through these links and make a purchase, could earn commissions from these sales. 

On The Lighter

A wealth of knowledge and info on old lighters. Their newsletter is invaluable.


Links to Purchase Flint, Fuel, Wicks, Etc.

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Zippo fuel, flint and wicks will work in the vast majority of petrol lighters, especially the flip-top, Zippo style. 

Vector Butane is a good choice for vintage gas lighters as it comes with refill adaptors that enable you to fill a variety of gas valves.

Specific Dunhill flints are called for by particular models.

If you are unsure what fuel or other supplies your lighter requires, leave a comment below and I’ll get you going in the right direction.

Ebay Links To Vintage Lighter Supplies

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Vintage Auermetall Lighter Flints that may work better in some vintage cigarette lighters.

Wire lead(or IMCO) wicks similar to the old Ronson wicks. These work best in lighters with a wick chimney.

Beattie Jet Lighter

Patent Info

(As a member of the Ebay Partner Network, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Purchase Wire Lead Wicks on Ebay.





Zippo Date Charts








Butane Lighter Repair

Google Search

Thorens Single Claw Papers


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