What I Will And Won’t Do(And Why) When It Comes To Shipping Your Petrol Lighter Purchases

Free First Class Package shipping is an integral component of our shipping policy and business model. There may be options available though if you need your package a little faster than First Class provides when making a purchase from our Ebay store.

First Things First!

Free Shipping is a feature that was very important to me when I created the business model at DependableFlame.com. First of all, it just makes it easier for me as a buyer when a seller opts to absorb shipping. I understand that the shipping isn’t actually free as some sellers like to point out but because I pay for the shipping on my listings then it is actually free to my buyer.

There are several aspects that factor in to making this model viable, not the least of which is that shipping your petrol lighter purchases doesn’t cost Continue reading “What I Will And Won’t Do(And Why) When It Comes To Shipping Your Petrol Lighter Purchases”

USPS Click-N-Ship Bogus Postage Due Charges Can Bite You On The Back End

While automated functions have made buying postage online easier and more readily available, there are pitfalls associated with the practice. Today we will look at how Click-N-Ship can assess postage due charges to your account after the fact and what you can do about it.

Things To Do, People To Please

The vast majority of items I mail these days were sold through the DependableFlame.com Ebay Store. The interface is pretty simple and I don’t really have any complaints about it. You get a discount off what you would normally pay if you walked into a brick and mortar post office and It’s all integrated nice and neat into the selling functions of the site and application.

Some times though I mail things that were not sold through Ebay. Not things that I have sold because I use Ebay to administrate the Continue reading “USPS Click-N-Ship Bogus Postage Due Charges Can Bite You On The Back End”

How To Find Comp Values For Vintage Cigarette Lighters By Searching “Sold” Ebay Listings

Some folks say, “it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay.” Others just tell you, “check Ebay sold listings.” Are either of these answers helpful? Not really but we are going to delve a little further into the subject today and show you a relatively simple method that anyone can use to determine an approximate value range for their vintage lighter.

It’s Worth What Someone Will Pay!

Both of the answers quoted above are posited often in the Facebook lighter groups. I think they both are technically correct but I don’t believe either is particularly useful.

The first one just seems so obvious I wonder why anyone would ever take the time out of their day to type it out. I mean, there aren’t very many Continue reading “How To Find Comp Values For Vintage Cigarette Lighters By Searching “Sold” Ebay Listings”

A Template For Ebay Selling Success

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to listing on Ebay. There are simple steps that can be taken at any point in your selling journey in order to remove as much of the hassle, the mundane and avoid the burnout that many sellers experience. This article will outline the content a template for Ebay selling should contain, as well as some friendly advice from one Ebay seller to another.

An All-encompassing GoalUsing Sell Similar Item Function As A Template For Selling On Ebay

I have met some folks in my life who claim to enjoy the morbidly unexciting or downright loathsome tasks that life sometimes requires of us. Things like chopping garlic or onions. I, on the other hand, seek to avoid them at all costs.

Uploading listings to Ebay can be another of those unpleasant tasks but that is the beauty of creating a template on which you are going to base every listing you upload to Ebay. Why do work every time you upload a listing, if you could do that work one time and be done with it forever? Continue reading “A Template For Ebay Selling Success”

How To Create An Ebay Listing That Stands Out From The Crowd

Anyone can create a listing on Ebay. The platform is relatively user-friendly, a cell phone can be used for every aspect of the listing process from taking photos and video to actually uploading your listing and requires no money before you make a sale. In this
article we are going to discuss not just how to create an Ebay listing but how to create one that stands out from the crowd.

Consistency Is Critical For Your Success

Anyone who’s spent hours at a time at a computer or tablet, creating listings to upload to Ebay can tell you, it’s not the most exciting, rah-rah, put a step in your gate kind of activity. It is tedious work and every time you needlessly perform a task that could have been automated, a toll is exacted Continue reading “How To Create An Ebay Listing That Stands Out From The Crowd”

How To Sell On Ebay For Beginners: Core Fundamentals

Selling on Ebay can be an exciting, money making adventure when done right but if you jump in head first without any foundational forethought, you’ll likely end up scratching your head in a corner somewhere wondering what the hell went wrong. In this article I will outline a few fundamental principles that if practiced, will lead any seller, veteran or beginner, to Ebay success. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather sound principles that will provide the basis for long term profitability.

It’s A Seller’s Market!

Anyone can sell on Ebay. The way the platform is set up from creating listings and uploading product photos, how you get paid and everything in between, is relatively user-friendly. Continue reading “How To Sell On Ebay For Beginners: Core Fundamentals”

Embed Youtube Video In Your EBay Listings Simple and Easy

Ebay is a crowded market. Depending on what you sell, you may need to take advantage of every trick or strategy you can get a hold of just to keep your head above water.

Could Your Sales Be Better?

There a products out there that practically sell themselves. Think of some of the Christmas time products like Tickle-Me-Elmo or Power Ranger action figures. These items were all the craze when they hit the market and supply was so short of demand that it created a huge secondary market. These kinds of items may not take much effort to sell but they are also not the kinds of items that are listed in most Ebay stores. Continue reading “Embed Youtube Video In Your EBay Listings Simple and Easy”

Successful Ebay Sellers Must Navigate Difficult Buyers

There seems to be a number of Ebay buyers willing to employ questionable tactics, post-purchase, to attempt to gain a full or partial refund by fraudulent means. Successful Ebay Sellers need to be aware of and take steps to prevent these tactics.

There Is Always One

Anyone who’s ever worked retail can tell you: every store has difficult customers. Sometimes they are always difficult. Sometimes their difficulty is startling, like having the shit scared out of you at a horror movie compared with their normal, sedate self.

Doesn’t matter, either way or somewhere between, the truth is plain: if you got customers, some of them are bound to be difficult. And on Ebay, you can’t really refuse service unless you’ve blocked a buyer beforehand. This article is about difficult customers and I am going to address two messages that I received from customers on Ebay who had already made a purchase from me. Continue reading “Successful Ebay Sellers Must Navigate Difficult Buyers”

Easiest Website Builder for Successful Ebay Businesses? Wealthy Affiliate

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, we earn a commission when you subscribe through our links.

Less than two years ago, when I conceived the idea for DependableFlame.com, I had no experience building a website and had no idea where to start. After fumbling around in the dark for a couple months, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and have never regretted my decision to join as I continue to build the site I have envisioned and evolve or adapt as the hobby changes.

My Small, Ebay Business Needs Help!

Ebay has been around since 1995 and it is no secret that an enterprising, hardworking individual can use the auction platform to make a little extra money and perhaps, even carve out a new career for them self.

I have had multiple Ebay accounts since 1999 and have bought and sold to varying degrees ever since. When my first career as a postal employee came to an end in 2017, I had a head start on what to do next.

For some time, I had been buying and repairing vintage cigarette lighters. Selling them on Ebay just made sense. I had year’s worth of experience buying and selling on the site. I also had 25 years under my belt in the shipping and packaging industry. Continue reading “Easiest Website Builder for Successful Ebay Businesses? Wealthy Affiliate”

Key Principles to Ebay Success: Quality, Simplicity, Reliability

Good products, a pleasant customer experience and reliable service are foundational to Ebay success.

Common Sense Goes A Long Way

I used to spend a lot of time on Facebook group pages dedicated to selling on Ebay. While I enjoy what I do immensely, this whole thing developed out of necessity and I didn’t have any choice but to adapt quickly and try to find any advantage I could to ensure success.

There were a good number of people in those groups dispensing sage advice or helpful information on Ebay policy updates. Some folks found themselves in predicaments hitherto unknown and were asking sincere questions of more experienced sellers, who were often there to point them in the right direction and make their day a little easier. Continue reading “Key Principles to Ebay Success: Quality, Simplicity, Reliability”