Notable Listings From Other Ebay Sellers

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Often, I encounter Ebay listings for petrol lighters, ashtrays, tobacciana and other useful mechanisms that get my attention for one reason or another, though I lack the means, interest, intent, whatever the case may be to actually acquire them for myself. Yet the listed item’s value, rarity or interest to the hobby in general warrants them being highlighted and perhaps even helping the seller find a buyer.

Occasionally, I search out a listing as an example, perhaps to illustrate an assertion or entice your interaction in a desired discussion.

There may be other Ebay Affiliate links posted on this page as the whim suits my fancy but most of these will be related to a YouTube video or article. These links will be edited, updated or deleted depending on the disposition of the listing they lead to. When you click through to Ebay from these links and make a purchase, I earn a commission.

Spotlight Listing Of The Week

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