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Street Chrome Zippo Windproof Lighter All-In-One Kit From Robert Hollingsworth For Penny Start HDSA Huntington’s Disease Society Of America Charity Auction

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Vintage Park Industries Painted Golfer Motif Petrol Lighter MURFREESBORO, TENN. MADE IN U.S.A.

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Vintage NATIONAL CHEMSEARCH PARK INDUSTRIES Synthetic Faux Wrap Petrol Lighter

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Vintage PARK Slim Petrol Lighter With A Solid Foam Fuel Cell Advertising IMPORTED CANADIAN MIST MURFREESBORO, TENN. U.S.A.

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Vintage Faux Snakeskin ALBERT AUTOMATIC SUPER LIGHTER JAPAN Petrol Petite Gumball Machine Multi-Color

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Vintage Tube/Ashtray Table Lighter Combo Sliver Plate Unmarked Petrol

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14 thoughts on “Current Ebay Listings”

  1. Do you repair vintage lighters for people? I have a Hadson NewPower 7 and unless the lighter is near empty it shoots a 5 inch flame that cannot be adjusted downwards.

  2. Do you like the Evans lighter or the Ronson petrol better I like both of them which one do you think will last longer thank you sir

    1. I like them all David but the Evans stands out in regards to function. Those Ronson lighters are nice and have unusual finishes but the Evans is a buzz saw!

  3. Dear Dependable Flame

    I have a Robson table lighter from the 60’s “made in England” and I am confused about the wick ?
    And how to get it operational again.
    I’d like to send a picture.
    Under the snuffer is a small gear like piece inside a rotating ring ( I assume to adjust flame). In the center of this is a small cylinder (tube)where I assume the wick should be but looks like a very small diameter and is spring loaded?? Can you help?

  4. Hi,
    Would you be kind enough to make a video on
    “How to repair a Ronson penciliter.” I would like to make it fonctional to pass down my father’s penciliter to the next generation. I think that the stone and the spring have to be change in the lighter. I think it’s an antique from the “50’s”
    Thank you

  5. Hi there,
    I stumbled upon your youtube channel while looking for a replacement fuel cap for a brass lighter insert I have for an old glass table lighter. Do you sell the fuel cap screws? Not sure what the exact name of the fuel plug screw is or how to find one and I’ve been googling trying to locate one. It’s a 1.5 inch lighter insert.
    thanks for any help or even just what the correct name of the part is so I can try to source it. Todd.

    1. Thanks for the question Todd. Fuel Cap or fuel screw is the proper term. I don’t currently have any to sell. Donor lighters from Ebay or elsewhere are your best bet to find a replacement.✌️

  6. Dear Sirs,

    I have a Ronson Touch-Tip lighter that fails to spark. After close inspection and with reference to other lighters, I believe the lighter is missing a clutch/ratchet spring (I’m never quite sure what you call it) which I think sits between the striker wheel and a gear/cog wheel and links the two together.

    Can you advise on any parts etc. Many thanks

    Clive in the UK

    1. Hello Clive and thank you very much for the question. I don’t have any parts for the touch tips but am certain that if you will contact they can help you. I haven’t personally done business with them but have heard excellent reports from friends who have used them to get Touch Tips and some of the more scarce and older Ronson stuff back up and running. Keep me posted though on what you figure out.

  7. Hello Joseph,
    Do you repair Ray Schumacher jump spark table cigar lighters? I emailed and it is unfortunate the person there that fixes them passed away. Any help you can give me would be great.


    1. Hello Victor and thank you for the question. I have not repaired jump spark table cigar lighters to this point though I would like to take the time to familiarize myself if the opportunity arose. I specialize solely in repairing flint sparked, petrol fueled lighters and that takes up the majority of my discretionary time. I have seen a few jump start lighters over the years but mostly in internet estate sale listings and the few that Ted Ballard showed me on the trips I took up the interstate to visit him at his National Lighter Museum in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

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