How To Repair Vintage Cigarette Lighters That Won’t Spark

Whether you have inherited a family heirloom, hit the jackpot at the flea market or perhaps landed that lighter of a lifetime on Ebay, if it won’t spark you may have your work cut out for you before you are able to light your bowl with it. In this article, I will cover the main issues associated with vintage petrol lighters that fail to ignite and a few common techniques that will help to get most lighters functioning again.Drill and makeshift ramrod used to clear degraded flint from curved tube.

(Full Disclosure: clearing old, degraded, sometimes petrified flint from old lighters is without question my least favorite part of the job. Some of these techniques I learned elsewhere and some I developed on my own. None of them are foolproof and I have encountered more obstructed flint tubes than I care to recall that forced me to admit defeat.)

If you are looking for help clearing an obstruction in a curved flint tube lighter, the following video may be a shortcut to your solution.✌️

If you need help disassembling and reassembling an Evans TRIG-A-LITE mechanism, this video will be helpful:

What We Have Here Is…

If the lighter in question will not spark, first on your to-do list is determining the source from which the lighter should produce a spark and whether it was designed to be renewed when failure occurs.Vintage Long Zippo Flint Dispenser.

For most vintage cigarette lighters that people collect, flint(or auermetal) ground against a file wheel produces the spark needed to ignite the flame. For the purposes of this article, I am going to break flint ignited lighters down into two categories: straight flint tube and curved flint tube. This is a bit of an oversimplification and I will provide some clarification later in the article but the categories should suffice here.

So, how do you know the difference? It’s really just basic logic. Look at the top of the lighter and determine where the flint meets the file wheel. Next find the screw on the bottom of the lighter that retains the flint and flint spring. Are these two points on a straight line from top to bottom of the lighter or are they offset from each other to one side or another?Drill and hex bit used to clear degraded flint from straight tube.

If it is straight up and down, then your flint tube should be straight. If it is offset then you are likely dealing with a curved flint tube.

If you can not seem to find a flint or file wheel and the action of activating the lighter is more of a “click” of a button than the striking of a wheel, then it is probably a piezoelectric ignition. If it is a piezoelectric lighter you are trying to repair then please skip down to that section, otherwise keep reading to learn how to repair vintage cigarette lighters that won’t spark.

Straight Flint Tube, Zippo, Insert Type

As with most things in life, the more straightforward a problem appears the simpler the solution required. With straight flint tube lighters, you are more likely to be able to get by with a cheaper drill that accepts hex-shanked drill bits rather than a drill with an actual chuck like you will need for the curved tube method of clearing flint tubes.

So, I typically have the two drill bits ready, a 3/32 and a 5/64. Hit it with the 3/32 first and a good portion of the time that will be the only work required to clear that tube, lickety-split. Canned air or a compressor will come in handy to blow the old flint dust from the lighter.

If the obstruction is neither immediately cleared nor good progress observed, then hit it with the smaller 5/64 drill bit. This smaller bit may have a tendency to break up the bigger mass of the flint better than the bigger bit. If the 5/64 bit breaks through, then the bigger 3/32 bit will likely chew through the rest without much effort.

Other times, you might as well forget about it, there are some tubes that you’re just not going to clear. The worst to me, seem to be the old Park Industries aluminum insert lighters. Something about the way the flint gets stuck in those aluminum inserts, I swear it feels like the hardest thing on the planet.

I have had many lighters that I beat my head against the wall that was that particular obstructed flint tube for so long and literally gave up so many times that I didn’t think I’d ever clear it and then out of thin air one day, I just broke through.

The Dunhill Rollalite Petrol Lighter and similar type lighters that house the flint in a small compartment up top will be cleared much as these other straight tube lighters are cleared. The length of the drill bit should not be an issue in the case of these lighters and while you should have plenty of room to access the flint housing, you may have trouble holding the lighter steady enough to work on it as your employ the drill.

Curved(Ronson, Flat Ad., etc.) Flint Tube

Alright, you know when the city or one of the utility companies is getting ready to dig in your yard and they mark where the different lines are buried by sticking little flags in the ground? That’s what we’re going to use as sort of a ramrod in this operation.

I peel those little vinyl flags off and then clean the metal rods with Everclear, removing all traces of adhesive. You want to cut a piece short enough that it does not bend easily when jammed repeatedly against the obstruction you desire to clear. You should be able to measure by and mark on the rod itself, the distance needed to break through and clear the obstruction while being careful not to allow too much play in the bending of the rod.Marking Flags used as stock for ramrods to clear curved flint tubes.

I cut the wire at a slight angle in hopes of creating the widest surface possible to disrupt and disengage the flint while at the same time I figure the severity of the cut itself should increase friction and hopefully foster the freeing of the flint from whence it has attached itself.

A drill with a working chuck will be necessary to grasp the cut wire that you have formed into a ramrod. Seat the wire all the way back in the chuck. Use the momentum and speed of the drill to your advantage as you work the wire back and forth, in and out of the flint tube causing as much friction as you are able until the tube is clear of all debris.

Piezoelectric And Other Outlier Spark Sources

I have read many times in many places that piezoelectric ignition lighters are unable to be repaired. That if they failed to spark, you might as well toss them in the garbage. In my experience, piezoelectric lighters just seemed cheaper, less quality than flint lighters so I never messed with them.

I have seen some discussions recently where some collectors claim to have used sandpaper to somehow clean or renew a piezoelectric ignition lighter. I haven’t personally done this, I’ve only seen and heard others discuss it, so I can’t vouch that it will work. I will say, it might be worth the effort if you’re simply going to throw them away anyhow.

There are many other ignition sources for vintage lighters but they are rare today: caps, rasps, chemicals, etc. If you have questions about any of these other type lighters, ask below and I’ll be glad to get you the info you need.

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Author: Joseph

Be cautious when anyone tells you what you need or have to do...

79 thoughts on “How To Repair Vintage Cigarette Lighters That Won’t Spark”

  1. hi Joseph
    I sent you a few photos. Trying to get an old thorens semi automatic lighter im trying to get working. She seems to have good motion i put in a zippo flint and no spark. The flint seems very lose. So bad that the flint will actually jump out of the lighter.

    1. Thanks for the question, Mark and I appreciate very much you emailing pictures of your lighter. This helps me help you faster. There should be a spring with a long arm that rests on top of the flint, this part appears to be missing(or the arm has broken off of the spring.) There are usually spare Thorens springs available for sale on EBay.
      As far as the flint required, I’ve never had a problem with Zippo flints working in Thorens lighters but I have read folks that claim they do. There are a variety of flints available on Ebay if the Zippo flint doesn’t want to cooperate with your lighter.
      If the file wheel does not turn smoothly, a drop or two of WD-40 or silicone spray should get it spinning.
      Regarding changing the wick, you should try the Tug and Clip procedure first before attempting to replace the wick and if you do have to replace the wick, use the Closed Tank/Blind Method.

  2. Hi
    I am repairing a ronson lighter but the flint is stuck, I don’t have a drill to hand is there another way to repair it?

    1. Hello, Tracy and thank you for the question. The best way to clear the flint tube in Ronson, curved tube lighters is disassembling the mechanism from the top and dealing with the obstruction from there. It is possible to remove some obstructions with hand tools of one sort or another. This has usually ended in frustration for me when I attempted it but I’ve read of others who report decent success using only hand tools. If you would be interested in me repairing the lighter for you, simply shoot me an email with details of your particular lighter and we’ll go from there. If I am able and agree to repair your lighter, there is typically no cost to you other than the price of postage to mail the lighter to me. I’ll pick up the return postage back to you.

      1. Hi , are you still repairing lighters?
        I would love to send you a video of a lighter that’s spark button is stuck, it’s an old Ronson , beautiful piece. I’m sure if I sent you a video you would know what’s up with it.
        Would be great to hear from you, many thanks , Oliver

        1. Yes, Oliver, I am still repairing lighters. Actually, just kicking into high gear with my retirement being finished. Email your videos, let’s see if I can help you out. Still somewhat transient, don’t have a shop to work in just yet but am able to handle some projects.✌️

          1. Thank you for the question Trenton. Every petrol lighter will basically work off the same principles and maintenance performed accordingly. Pull the wadding and wick out the hole where you fuel the lighter. Feed the new wick down the chimney and replace the wadding through the fuel hole.✌️

  3. Hello,

    I am trying to repair a Varaflame Queen Anne. The wheel turns as long as the spring/flint/anything at all is NOT touching it from below – otherwise it is immobile. Help!


    1. Thank you, Isabella, for the question. It’s difficult to troubleshoot the problem exactly without seeing the mechanism in action. If possible could you shoot a short video with your cell phone and email it to me? Could be too much spring pressure, unsuitable flint, flint tube cluttered with debris, needs oiling or a number of other problems I’d be glad to help diagnose.

  4. Hi, I’m working on a ronsons mastercase, it’s cleaned out and all, I have the new flint touching the file wheel, but it still wont spark!

    1. Thank you for the question, Jeremy. In my experience, there is not much margin of error when it comes to the lighters in the Mastercase. Odd angles and tight quarters render them rather finicky.✌️

  5. Hello Joseph, I have two onyx Ronson table lighters that don’t even click and only move very slightly when I try to depress the ‘button’.
    Are they seized or do they just need a new flint?

    1. It is very hard to say, Jane but it is at least likely that the flint tube is going to need some kind of attention, drilled or blown out. Is there more freedom in the mechanism when the flint spring screw is removed?

  6. Hey Joseph,

    Thank you for all the info, I really appreciate your commitment to keeping these old lighters functional rather than using disposable plastic ones.

    With your advice I was able to remove the corroded flint stuck in a vintage Royal Star lighter I’m repairing. Nothing like a pandemic to inspire finally getting around to long lost projects…

    This lighter is small and delicate, and still needs a bit of work. The strike wheel does not turn when the lever is depressed, and the strike wheel seems too loose (spins freely under my finger). I’m afraid I’ll have to take the top apart next, but would surely benefit from your experience.

    Could you create another post on repairing strike wheel mechanisms when you get the chance?


    1. Hello, Laurilie and thank you for the comments. I have plans in place and the lighters already selected to make the exact video you are requesting. It is my next major project as soon as I am moved into my shop and able to carry on as I wish. I will have more lighter repair videos soon but until then I hope you enjoy the vintage lighter videos.✌️

  7. Hello ,
    I have an Evans Trig o lite silver lighter …I took it apart to clean out the old flint that had disintegrated..Well I got it all cleaned out. Paid great attention to the way it came apart …I am now struggling to get it back together…I read somewhere that there might be a jig to set the spring …Is there a trick to getting these back together? It is an awesome lighter that is a family heirloom…I am very interested in getting it back together…Does anyone have any knowledge on these Evans Trig o lite, lighters ?

    1. Thank you, Joseph, for the comment. I have some experience with the Evans TRIG-A-LITE but have yet to create any videos dedicated to the repair of the unique mechanism. While it is on my shortlist of projects, I may be able to help you now via email until I’m able to get a video made and posted.✌️

  8. Hi Joseph,

    Thank you for keeping these old lighters going! I have a couple old casino lighters I’m trying to get working again. One is made by Howard and the other by Vulcan. Would you be interested in helping me with them? Thanks and stay safe!

    1. Thank you Patti, for the comment. I am very interested in helping get your lighters up and running again. You can email photos of the base and top(with lid open if it had one) of the lighter along with any info you may have. If you are fairly handy, there’s a good chance I can guide you through the repairs via email. Otherwise, I also do some repairs through the mail(through individual arrangements.)

  9. Hello,
    I mistakenly added lighter fluid in the section where the flint is located. I should have looked up instructions on the internet but thought that all I had to do was unscrew the little screw on the bottom and add fluid. Do you think I ruined the lighter? It is a Ronson Wind II cigarette lighter.

    1. Rest assured, Adela, you have not ruined your lighter. It’s not likely to spark well while the flint and file wheel are soaked with fuel but should dry out in no time.

  10. Joseph you are very ingenious. I purchased a Winston Crown lighter on eBay last week. Owner stated new flint was required, that would have been fine. Upon receipt of the lighter I discovered the flint tube was jammed to the nines. There was so much tension in the spring screw I almost lost it unscrewing it. Taking your advice with a fine wire from my sprinkler head marker and attaching it too my drill away I went. It wasn’t a short easy task. After three days spending about an hour a day the wire finally shot through clearing the tube. Now the lighter which is probably 60 years old works like a charm.
    Thanks for expertise.

    1. Thank you for the comment Dave and I’m glad to hear your persistence paid off. I’ve just published a new video that shows how to disassemble from the top as well.✌️

  11. For my issue I am not sure I can get the parts. I have a Savanna Broncia that I got via ebay. The spring length and size is smaller then a typical Zippo. Even the flint is thinner it seems. I am getting no spark. The wheel also tends to be a little choppy when I do try to light it. The flint that is in the lighter is silver in color and I have tried to raise it but it tends to fall back down into the spring when I try to spark it. Any ideas how I might get this to work. I’d like to repair it myself if possible as I spent a decent amount on it to just get my hands on it.

    1. Thank you, Lee, for the question. I am not familiar with this particular model. If you could possibly take some photos or a short video and email them to me, hopefully I can help diagnose and fix your problem.✌️

  12. I have a 1930s Hahway German lighter.
    But I cannot figure out how to replace the Flint in it.
    It is the type where you push the button and the top is spring loaded and flies open igniting the flint. Can you advise how to get to the Flint?

  13. Thanks for the great video on fixing a Ronson Standard lighter that won’t spark. I have my father’s old lighter that hadn’t worked for I don’t know how many years. Cleared the flint tube easily with your process and popped in a new flint and it sparks like crazy.

  14. Hello-
    I am trying to fix the striker in a vintage Colt Combat Commander pistol lighter. How can I send you a picture of my issue? Also, do you sell repair parts?

  15. Hello Joseph,
    This may not be the right post to put this on but I haven’t seen any others that fit!
    I have a Brother-lite and a Colibri (both from eBay *doh*) and both of them seem to have a problem releasing fuel- both sparking fine but cannot get a flame!
    The Brother-Lite when dismantling the flame adjust at the top seems to not have a hole in the bottom for gas to go through, and when unscrewed slightly will light- but not through the place it’s meant to! The Colibri just seems to not take the gas at all as when purged there is no hissing sound.
    Sorry for such a long comment but I’ve had many sleepless nights this week trying to find some sort of reference to go by and would love to get them working again. Please let me know if you have any ideas or if I’m barking up the wrong tree with these two!
    Regards, Zinnia

    1. Hello, Zinnia. Unfortunately, I do not work on butane lighters. There are some that do including a place called ARS Lighter Repair but I don’t believe they repair Colibri lighters. I do see folks asking about this kind of thing all the time in vintage lighter Facebook groups and occasionally someone has an answer. You might try asking somewhere like that. Just for clarify be sure you mention it is butane fueled.✌️

  16. Hello Joseph, I have a 60’s derringer flintlock pistol lighter and need to replace the wick because I foolishly pulled the old one out and can’t push it back through the hole, is there a special method to do this? Also the trigger in which to spark it is very hit and miss and very clunky to press hurting the finger, although it does spark it is awkward to use, would a good oiling sort this out? I would love to get it properly repaired if this is possible? Thank you in advance many regards, Carl

  17. Hi, I’m brand new to your site and YT channel. It looks a lot easier than my attempts. Anyway, I have over a hundred lighters, mostly Ronson, and one trick that works quite often for stuck flint tubes is I cut 2-3 inches of bicycle cable and put it in my drill Chuck. About 75-80 percent effective. Dave T.

  18. Hi Joseph,

    I need a Ronson touch tip lighter looking at please. I am not sure whether it is repairable or not and the seller has lied to me about that. Really disappointed as I love the lighter and purchased it as a birthday gift to myself. Could I post this to you to have a look at? What country are you in? Thanks, Jess

    1. Hello Jessica. I don’t have any experience with the touch-tip. I do have one that I can work on though. What is the problem with yours?

  19. Hi Joseph, I recently bought myself a Chronos G (Austrian Grunwald?) pocket watch lighter. Beautiful piece of work, but it does not spark and the oil well screw seems stuck fast, with the screw head partially damaged.
    Do you have any idea how to install the flint and release the screw. I would be happy with just a spark rather than damage the piece further. Thanks Jonathan

    1. Hey Jonathan, sorry for the delay. Most of these kind of mechanisms apply the flint from the top held one way or another, often by an arm spring. I have seen people say mineral spirits or vinegar will free seized fuel screws bud I haven’t tried it myself.

  20. Hey..i have my grandmothers old Ronson lighter I’m trying to get working. I can get the flint port open but cant get the fill port you have any suggestions? I tried with a wide butter knife and it scraped the metal so I stopped before I caused more damage.

  21. I bought several Ronson Crowns at an estate sale, and using the internet found out how to remove the top and free the old flint. The engineering seems pretty complicated as far as putting back together, aligning the two top pieces right and putting the gears and spring back together. When I did get seemingly one right, I didn’t get any spark from the spark wheel, even with new flint. Do the wheels wear out? Are these things hard or finicky to get back together correctly, or is it me?

  22. Got a vintage Continental lift arm lighter. A small mini one. Approximately the size of a half a dollar. Everything seems to work on it but it seems like the wick he’s adjusting. The flame isn’t quite big enough to keep it going. Any advice? Is there a way to adjust the week on that lighter

    1. Thanks for the question Jack. Pull that wick up with some pliers and cut off the dirty part. That should take care of your problem. Leave plenty of wick exposed and “bloom” out the top of it.

  23. Hi Joseph,
    I have a very good friend who recently lost his father and has inherited his Kreisler Butane lighter. I have tried to clean it up as best I can but have found that it takes quite a few strikes to attempt to get it to ignite but then when it does, it sends about a 3″ flame out! Is there any chance you would be for hire to inspect/repair this lighter?
    Thank you in advance for your help,

  24. Hello Joseph iv got or at least found very recently a Ronson Cadet C.209 still in its box prob my fathers so excited did a service changed the cladding put a new wick in and flint and it sparks but wont light iv cleaned it with a pipe cleaner but it still refuses to light so I have tried to unscrew the screws as seen on your video but they just keep spinning.

  25. I have a question for you. I had to disassemble my 1930’s Evans roller bearing lighter because the wheel was too jammed with flint to create sparks anymore. No issues taking it apart and cleaning it, however I’m having trouble getting the smaller screw to go all the way through the hole. I can screw it through the bottom hole so I know that it isn’t a matter of the screw being stripped, however it doesn’t seem to want to go back through the top

    1. I am a little confused but never have worked on the roller bearing model. The Trig-a-lite has two fulcrum screws but they are the same size. Is the roller bearing different?

  26. I bought a nice Flaminaire lighter it has a butabloc butane jerry can that can only be exchanged. For new butane can from Parker pen and of course this lighter is useless ! Also the part where flame comes out it has built up gunk that I am having hard time getting out . There is no way of refillling with butane unless I add a butane valve kit but where do you buy these and hopefully they come with instructions as I would have to drill a hole on opposite side of where flame comes out! I hope you can help

  27. I have 2 silent flame table lighters one made by Dunhill and other made by Parker of London, it uses 2 c batteries but I am missing a striker for one and the other striker looks to have a cracked at tip looks like it was ceramic and there is only a small piece left ! I have. I have no idea how to fill the striker as I tried to pull the top off but it would not budge . Can some help me with where to buy strikers

    1. I don’t have any experience with those particular lighters but Ebay is your best bet for finding replacement parts. Thanks for the question and I wish I could be more help.

  28. Hi there! I just picked up a vintage Scripto table lighter.
    It is in great condition, however my partner tried to fill it and the valve is actuating but is immediately leaking butane. Is there any way to fix or replace that? The spark seems to be ok and it did briefly light while we were working on it. Thank you!

  29. Hello Joeseph,

    I recently purchased an antique push button armored knight novelty lighter. I was told that the striker no longer worked but who knows for sure. It’s this type of lighter something that’s worth repairing from your experience or would it even be possible to repair such a thing. I only paid 3 bucks for it at a yard sale and it Is a cool little knight regardless

  30. I would like to mail you a couple of vintage lighters that are in need of help. What is your address and do you have an “about” price range you charge? Thank you!

    1. I’ve never charged to repair lighters but no longer provide this service via mail. My job has evolved to demonstrate how to repair your own via YouTube video.✌️

  31. Hi Joseph I have been gifted with the 60’s Flintlock pistol lighter and have no idea how to get the fluid in the lighter the numbers are pat. 204961i found where the flint goes but it the fluid. Thanks for all the info you give.

    1. A true, old flintlock will not use fluid but tinder instead. If yours is a Japanese reproduction then you just need to find the wadding and soak it with fuel.✌️

    2. Does the barrel have a screw cap covering? On my ‘70’s flintlock lighter you undo the screw covering the barrel (within which houses the wadding) and fill with lighter fluid like a modern Zippo lighter.

  32. Hi Joseph.

    Similar to Sharon I have inherited 2x 1970’s “Flintlock” lighters, a long barrel and a shirt barrel, but both are missing the spring and brass screw that keep the flint in place. (Threaded tube is approximately 3mm inside diameter)

    Do you have any idea where I can purchase replacement springs/grub screws, or alternately how I would find the type of screw needed? I’ve tried buying several small grub screws but the threads don’t match.

    Kindest Regards.

    CJ Addison

    1. Thank you C.J. for the question! Most old lighters were produced using a “bastard” or non-standard thread for screws. This is the reason typical wisdom says donor lighters are the best bet for replacement- an even swap from identical lighters. I hope this helps.✌️

  33. Thank you so much for the YouTube video on clearing an old flint. I fixed my lighter in under a minute. I thought I was going to have to have it repaired.
    Now its as good as new.

    1. Hey, thank you Steven for dropping by and leaving the nice comment. I am thrilled that the video helped you get your lighter back up and running properly. I really feel that most maintenance and repair required on old petrol lighters can be accomplished by most folks if they just have someone to demonstrate for them the proper way to do it. That’s what I’m endeavoring to provide with those instructional repair demonstration videos. I hope you’ll hang out and read the articles we publish every Monday and Thursday. Thanks again my friend!✌️

  34. I have an old cigarette case/lighter missing the refill cover screw. Any idea where I can get one or one same size?

    1. Hello Andy and thank you for the question! It will really depend on what kind of lighter you are trying to replace the fuel screw in. Most old lighters were not made using standard measured threads but rather just made up a thread that would work. The ‘bastard” nature of these threads makes it difficult to know what will and won’t work in a specific lighter without trying it out and seeing if the thread is the same or even close enough to work. My standard answer is buying an identical parts donor lighter or lighters matching your specific lighter. Ebay is full of old, junk lighters but some time may be required to find the one you need depending on how common or scarce that specific lighter may be.

  35. I have a hobie international traders lighter can it be restored?? Can’t seem to get it apart and therfore have put it away so not to damage it and research some more on restoring it but come up empty!!

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