Beattie Jet Lighter Instructions: How to Choose and Operate

An elementary understanding of selection, function and maintenance of the Beattie Jet Lighter.

What Makes the Beattie Jet Different from Other Lighters?

Beattie Jet Leather Desk Lighter

If you use disposable lighters, first you should be ashamed of yourself(I explain why here.) Second, the butane/valve design of your typical disposable will generally push the flame sufficient to allow it to be sucked down the pipe. But if you use a petrol lighter to light your cigarettes then chances are you have a separate(probably butane) lighter handy to light your pipes.

Is a pipe lighter really necessary? No, but the lack of a pipe lighter is at best a pain in the ass(who wants to stand on their head just to light a pipe) and at worst could leave you out in the cold. Beattie Jet Lighter instructions are readily available on the worldwide web but can be a little difficult to understand if you don’t have the lighter in your hand to put those instructions to practice. I will try to illustrate thoroughly with appropriate photos.

The novelty of the Beattie Jet is that held upright it functions just
like every other petrol lighter you’ve ever used to light a cigarette. But tilted slightly with maybe the hint of a roll of the wrist and that same flame will reach out like E.T.’s finger, setting your bowl ablaze.

Basic Set-up and Maintenance

As you can see from the literature pictured to the right, the Beattie Jet Lighter is similar in design to other petrol lighters, just with one strange and unfamiliar looking part added on. The jet tube is the key to what sets this lighter apart.

In order to create the pressure that enables the Beattie to extend its blowtorch like flame, the lower end of the wick must be placed inside the lower end of the brass jet tube. This is key to remember when it comes time to replace the wick in your lighter. Before you stuff the wadding back into the lighter, make certain that the lower end of the wick is snugly fit into the lower end of the jet tube inside the body of the lighter.

Also, use caution when cleaning the brass jet tip. These lighters came new with a probe designed specifically to unclog the hole in the brass tip. Many of these lighters listed on EBay will not come with a jet probe.

From my own experience, I wouldn’t be too quick to try to clean that jet hole out by sticking a metal object into it. I currently own five of these and the two that work best, you can’t even see the hole with a naked eye. Bottom line, if you are certain it is clogged and you don’t have an original probe, you’ll have to make do with whatever you can get. A welder tip cleaning tool is probably your best option but I would be extremely careful and don’t stick it in there any more than you have to. Of my 5, the only one that has a ruined jet tip is the one I stuck a welding tip cleaner into. To be fair, the lighter never functioned correctly even before I tried to clean the tip. So, just my advice, gentle with the jet tips.

Where Do I Get One and Are They Expensive?

There are Beattie Jet Lighters commonly available on EBay and other online auction sites. It is not uncommon to find them at flea markets, pawn shops, thrift stores, garage sales, etc.

Currently, prices on EBay for a decent, complete Beattie Jet Lighter that looks like it has a prayer to function as intended start in the $30-40 range.

Complete with box, paperwork, bag and probe, I would expect to pay a minimum of $80 but considerably more the nicer the example.

Key Elements in Determining Value.

As you browse online auctions or search through bins at your local flea market, remember the following tips which are specific to buying a vintage Beattie Jet Lighter:

  • Snuffer/Lid retention spring: When browsing internet listings, it is easy to overlook this subtle part but it pays an integral part in the lighter functioning properly. If the lid just flops around, you could have a flame being extinguished when you need it lit. Worse, you could encounter difficulty extinguishing a flame you need put out if the lid does not snap closed as it was designed to do. Two small arms extend the spring toward the rear, underside of the lid. A broken lid spring is a relatively common problem with these old lighters.
  • Brass Jet Tip: If the hole in the jet tip is enlarged, the jet portion of
    Damaged Jet Tip

    the lighter will not function properly and it could get a little hairy trying to use the regular stand-up flame as the naphtha fumes waft listlessly from the heated, damaged jet tube.

  • Applied Patent Numbers: The earliest Beattie Jet Lighters produced were stamped with one patent number, with subsequent productions stamped with a combination(Beattie Patent Info) of numbers.
  • A good general rule with any online listing is to see photos taken from all angles. I would not purchase a Beattie Jet Lighter without seeing a photo of the back spine.

What Is Your Favorite Lighter Worth to You?

In the end, the monetary value assigned to anything is limited to the amount an actual buyer is willing to pay for that item. Embedded deep within both my business philosophy and general outlook on life is the belief that while this life may be fleeting, the way we choose to live it matters. The things we do and say and build and dream can endure.

The Beattie Jet Lighter is an underappreciated relic that is relatively scarce compared to its vintage lighter peers. Just for perspective, a raw EBay search for “Beattie Lighter” returned 29 results across all categories. The last Beattie Jet Lighter was produced in 1961, so I limited the “Zippo Lighter” search to the lighter category in pre-owned condition and that returned over 10,000 results. There’s a shit ton of Zippo lighters out there. There’s only a handful of Beattie Jet Lighters.

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Opioid Addiction and Alcoholism Vs the Pothead Problem

Everyone seems to agree, we have a problem in American society
with opioids. Statistics should warrant the same concern over alcoholism. Yet, the government continues to treat cannabis with the same lies and tired fairy-tale arguments that have kept so many in the dark on this issue for so long. Marijuana was never the problem but it might very well be the answer for many.

No One Wants To Be A Druggie.

Growing up in America in the 1970s and ’80s, if we learned only one thing it was that drugs were bad. There was Reefer Madness, then cocaine and crack and free-basing and all this scary stuff happening in dark alleys and the War on Drugs. There really was no delineation back then. Cannabis, weed, marijuana, whatever you want to call it was thrown right on in there under the heading of DOPE with heroin, cocaine and all these life-destroying, “illicit” drugs. I feel very naive today that I accepted those lies at face value and I feel foolish that I continued to accept them for so long. Opioid addiction and alcoholism are serious, man-made problems that could be helped by the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis and proper focus and blame placed on the appropriate source.

An observation I believe warrants further discussion is the behavior exhibited by cannabis users overall compared to various subgroups such as cannabis use with and without alcohol, w/ & w/o meth, heroin, etc. I see “news” articles all the time that point out data concerning marijuana use that, at best, paint an incomplete and confusing picture.

For instance, there was an article in my local paper recently where the headline seemed to indicate that since the state legalized recreational marijuana, Colorado’s emergency rooms have been overwhelmed by patients seeking treatment for a bad marijuana experience. This is just dumb! If you over-do it on weed, you don’t need to go to the ER, you need to find a corner to curl up in for a bit. You’re not going to overdose on marijuana, give it a couple hours and you’ll be alright.

But mix cannabis with alcohol or any other mood altering substance and all bets are off.

Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

All this negativity about the cannabis plant in the U.S. seems to have sprung from events that occurred in the 1930s which may or may not have involved some very rich and powerful figures in American history. Men with names like Dupont, Mellon and Hearst.

Their involvement or motivations at the time are of no account to us today. Whomever is to blame, the last 80 yrs happened and can’t be undone.

The tragedy is that while folks are out there dying from prescription drug addiction and alcohol is reeking havoc on our national health, there are still plenty of lawmakers, businessmen and medical professionals willing to spout the same lies about cannabis.

Everyone Wants Their Piece of the Pie.

With public approval for both medical and recreational marijuana at all-time highs, some state lawmakers have shifted tactics. Faced with imminent legalization, they seek to defend there interests by gutting laws before they’re even put to a vote of the people or pushing preemptive legislation that would benefit few.

And on the federal level we have an Attorney General who acts like cannabis is a scourge, the likes of which has never been seen and it calls itself recreational weed. It will be very interesting to see, as time goes on here, how the federal government’s treatment of cannabis develops. We already have over half the states with some form of legal cannabis. It should become more difficult for the federal government to take a hard line on cannabis as more states legalize and decriminalize the plant.

Should, however, is not a certainty.

Making Bandits Out of the Afflicted.

There’s a song by Cross Canadian Ragweed called “Cold Hard Fact” that includes the lyrics:

“What kind of world do we live in

when you can’t be forgiven for the shape that you’re in?”

They talk about the dangers of weed as a gateway drug. Hell, life is a gateway drug. What about the people who have blown through that gateway? For some, it was society that sold them the taxable liquor or prescribed them the chemicals that addicted them, why not offer them a better quality of life if there’s one available? Weed does not destroy lives, it just doesn’t.

How Does A Responsible Society Treat Cannabis?

How ironic would it be, if cannabis was made illegal to pave the way for Dupont’s chemical nylon technology only to have chemical addiction through accepted prescription medicine practices lay waste to our society and the law not allow citizens to treat it with that same organic plant that never hurt anybody in the first place? Weed has really gotten a bad rap over the last 80 or so yrs.

Just a few things the uninitiated in society should be aware of:

  • Weed doesn’t really make people “do” or “feel” so much as it makes you content with whatever you’re feeling or doing.
  • If you take an angry, aggressive drunk and give him some weed and he smokes it, he’ll probably be content to be angry until the booze wears off. Or he gets sick. Or passes out.
  • Even if you live in an illegal state, you encounter multiple people on a daily basis who use cannabis like many use coffee.
  • The health risks associated with smoking have traditionally been a major factor for many who choose not to use cannabis. However, cannabis has many applications other than combustion.
  • It’s not necessarily offensive to use the term “pothead” but it is offensive if you use it in a derogatory fashion.
  • If you make excuses for or feel the need to qualify stories about your drinking habits, you should quit drinking.
  • Weed does not cause grown-ass adults to piss the bed.
  • If you’re scared, weed will only magnify that fear.
  • Most people are nervous and scared the first time they smoke weed.
  • A lot of people have taken a small sampling of cannabis experiences and let that dictate a much larger issue.

Please join the discussion in the comments below. Also, you can email, text or call anytime.