Collecting Vintage Cygnus Petrol Lighters: A Rabbit Hole To Disappear Down

With its unique thumb roller flint spring tension mechanism, the Penguin Cygnus petrol lighter stands out not only in the under-rated realm of Japanese made vintage lighters but in the vintage cigarette lighter world at large.

Estate Sale Find

The first Cygnus petrol lighter I recall seeing was in an online estate auction being offered with a group of four or five other items, one of the other items being a Thorens Single Claw. I was pretty green at identifying cigarette lighters at the time and it did remind me of the Dunhill Rollalite(I can’t recall if I’d actually owned a Rollalite at the time) but I noticed the novel thumb roller to the back and was intrigued. Continue reading “Collecting Vintage Cygnus Petrol Lighters: A Rabbit Hole To Disappear Down”

Ronson Debonair Automatic Petrol Lighter: A Bird Of A Different Feather

Or perhaps as one Oklahoma City sportscaster likes to say, “a different breed of cat…” While it has similarities and many of the parts look familiar, the Ronson Debonair stands apart from its Art Metal Works kindred both in function and design.

Vintage Ronson Debonair Automatic Petrol Lighter

My Initial Impressions

The Ronson Debonair Automatic Petrol Lighter looks like a fortress. It has a very solid base, which is rare for a pocket lighter but seems even more scarce among the multitude of Ronson models that fill flea markets, garage sales, Ebay and the like.

Something about the oval shape of the bottom of the average Ronson Standard type lighter makes it more difficult to manipulate the plunger mechanism, whether it is seated flat on a table or held cradled in one hand. Continue reading “Ronson Debonair Automatic Petrol Lighter: A Bird Of A Different Feather”

What Kind Of Wick Should I Use In My Vintage Petrol Lighter?

There aren’t a ton of options available when it comes to replacing the wick in your vintage cigarette lighter. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a decision to make nor does it preclude you feeling bloody and beaten, confused and forsaken by all the advice you can expose yourself to online. Here are just a few considerations I posit as useful to me as I have come to experience the world of vintage petrol lighters from the wrong end of history regarding convenience but the perfect time to salvage them from the heap.

What Would You Like Your Wick To Do Or How Would You Like It To Treat You?

Some folks simply need to click the file wheel and graze a flame with their cigarette. Easy, peazy put that lighter away. Pipe or cigar smokers, on the other hand, may require a more robust flame to ignite what they intend to combust. So, what kind of wick should I use on my vintage petrol lighter? Continue reading “What Kind Of Wick Should I Use In My Vintage Petrol Lighter?”

Military Presentation Lighters, Authentic Vietnam Zippos and Other Worthwhile Collectables

Making a YouTube video for one of the last items I still own from the best collection I have purchased to date not only made me dig a little deeper into the name highlighted on several of the lighters but also caused me to consider the prominence some military lighters enjoy over others and whether that position is justified.

Admiral Joseph James “Jocko” Clark

In the summer of 2018, I purchased a lighter collection in an online estate sale that included twenty-eight total items: 18 lighters, 9 cigar or cigarillo cutters and a piercer. Several of the Continue reading “Military Presentation Lighters, Authentic Vietnam Zippos and Other Worthwhile Collectables”

Dunhill Windproof Lighter: The Fusee(Rope) Mechanism That Requires No Fuel

This vintage trench lighter will combust your joint without you ever having to worry about the fuel evaporating into oblivion.

A Lighter That Never Needs More Fuel

At first glance, the Dunhill Windproof Lighter may look familiar in that it has similar or even identical features to other trench or petrol lighters of its day, while at the same time having one very obvious difference, that long-ass orange rope sticking out the bottom. Continue reading “Dunhill Windproof Lighter: The Fusee(Rope) Mechanism That Requires No Fuel”

A Template For Ebay Selling Success

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to listing on Ebay. There are simple steps that can be taken at any point in your selling journey in order to remove as much of the hassle, the mundane and avoid the burnout that many sellers experience. This article will outline the content a template for Ebay selling should contain, as well as some friendly advice from one Ebay seller to another.

An All-encompassing GoalUsing Sell Similar Item Function As A Template For Selling On Ebay

I have met some folks in my life who claim to enjoy the morbidly unexciting or downright loathsome tasks that life sometimes requires of us. Things like chopping garlic or onions. I, on the other hand, seek to avoid them at all costs.

Uploading listings to Ebay can be another of those unpleasant tasks but that is the beauty of creating a template on which you are going to base every listing you upload to Ebay. Why do work every time you upload a listing, if you could do that work one time and be done with it forever? Continue reading “A Template For Ebay Selling Success”

Medical Marijuana In Oklahoma: Dispensaries Thrive As 788 Takes Root

A sampling of the finest medical marijuana dispensaries the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area has to offer.

A Lay Of The Land

Since the citizens of Oklahoma voted to legalize medical marijuana in June of 2018, the state has been on a fast track to catch up to states with more progressive cannabis policy and it would appear, possibly even surpass them. Oklahoma now has the highest percentage of medical marijuana card holders by population among all medically legal states.

Glitter Apples from BCC Collective.
Glitter Apples from BCC Collective

When 788 passed, the ballot initiative had certain triggers in place that required the law be implemented, whether the desired framework for testing, packaging, etc. was in place or not. This has Continue reading “Medical Marijuana In Oklahoma: Dispensaries Thrive As 788 Takes Root”

How To Create An Ebay Listing That Stands Out From The Crowd

Anyone can create a listing on Ebay. The platform is relatively user-friendly, a cell phone can be used for every aspect of the listing process from taking photos and video to actually uploading your listing and requires no money before you make a sale. In this
article we are going to discuss not just how to create an Ebay listing but how to create one that stands out from the crowd.

Consistency Is Critical For Your Success

Anyone who’s spent hours at a time at a computer or tablet, creating listings to upload to Ebay can tell you, it’s not the most exciting, rah-rah, put a step in your gate kind of activity. It is tedious work and every time you needlessly perform a task that could have been automated, a toll is exacted Continue reading “How To Create An Ebay Listing That Stands Out From The Crowd”

Best Cordless Rechargeable Drills On Amazon For Vintage Lighter Repair

If you are gathering up the tools necessary for vintage cigarette lighter repair, it would be difficult to overstate the importance of a quality, rechargeable drill if you plan to have much success. Simple jobs may require basic tools but does a daunting task necessitate more precise equipment? In this article we will sort through these and other questions to make sure that you purchase the right tool for the job you have before you.


(As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.) Continue reading “Best Cordless Rechargeable Drills On Amazon For Vintage Lighter Repair”

How To Repair Vintage Cigarette Lighters That Won’t Spark

Whether you have inherited a family heirloom, hit the jackpot at the flea market or perhaps landed that lighter of a lifetime on Ebay, if it won’t spark you may have your work cut out for you before you are able to light your bowl with it. In this article, I will cover the main issues associated with vintage petrol lighters that fail to ignite and a few common techniques that will help to get most lighters functioning again.Drill and makeshift ramrod used to clear degraded flint from curved tube.

(Full Disclosure: clearing old, degraded, sometimes petrified flint from old lighters is without question my least favorite part of the job. Some of these techniques I learned elsewhere and some I developed on my own. None of them are foolproof and I have encountered more obstructed flint tubes than I care to recall that forced me to admit defeat.) Continue reading “How To Repair Vintage Cigarette Lighters That Won’t Spark”