Best Vaporizer Pens for Weed? A Lighter Mechanic’s Perspective

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First thing you need to know: buy a vaporizer with a 510 thread.

What Will You Be Vaping?

I sometimes wonder if people realize how much about themselves they reveal when responding to a question they’ve been asked directly. But the main thing is it’s nobody’s business what you intend to vape. We may be asked, “Where to buy vapes for marijuana?” or “What are the best vaporizer pens for weed?” but if we just have a basic idea about the vaporizers available then we have a better grasp on the questions we’re asked.

In May of 2016, I started down the road I’m on today. I smoked cigarettes for a good portion of my adult life but quit for good about ten yrs back. I never had any interest in the whole vaping fad because smoking was in my rear view mirror.

But then I had the need for a vaporizer. Yrs of alcohol abuse had left my liver gasping for air. The doctors impressed upon me the gravity of the situation but cautioned against quitting alcohol abruptly. Imagine that, I’ve been able to legally buy alcohol just about anywhere I wanted since I was 21 yrs old, including one time in Tyler, TX where I had to join a “club” to circumvent the local laws, but that shit was killing me.

And here’s a plant that God created that was legal until a little over 80 yrs ago. For reasons that no one seems to be able to explain, cannabis was made illegal and we all grew up being warned of its wickedness. Is it any worse than prescription pain pills, liquor or even caffeine?

Multitude of UsesAtmos Forge Kit

The number one key that I look for when purchasing a vaporizer is does it have a 510 thread. There are many advantages to vaping and one of the most important is versatility. If you have landed on this page then there’s a good chance that you are going to want to take advantage of the multitude of pre-filled cartridges on the market today.

The key things to remember related to the cartridges:

  1. All the pre-filled cartridges that I have seen are for a 510 thread vaporizer, at this point I think buying a vaporizer not equipped with a 510 thread would be the equivalent of purchasing Betamax over VHS in the mid 1980s.
  2. You need a variable temperature battery because the oils being vaped vary in consistency and therefore require different temperatures.
  3. Cartridges, like vaporizers, vary in quality(it is very easy to burn up a poor quality cartridge by using a poor quality vaporizer.)
  4. You are going to end up with a ton of cheap plastic chargers from the cheap batteries you pick up along the way, so if your main pen has a 510 thread you’ll never be in lack of a charger.

Always Remember a ChargerAtmos 510 Charger

There are several multi-purpose vaporizers on the market that come with the 510 thread. The first vaporizer that I owned was made by AtmoRx. It came with the battery, an ejuice cartridge, a ceramic heating chamber for dry material and a glass screen that slid in the ceramic chamber for vaping wax products.

This sort of multi-use vaporizer can come in very handy and if you get one with the 510 thread then there could be times when the battery is all you need. Well, you’ll always want to make sure you have a charger because if that battery goes dead and all you’ve got is cartridges it won’t do you any good if you can’t recharge it.

Invest in QualityAtmos Forge Plus

This is something I struggle with because there are inexpensive or even cheap options that will generally get the job done. The problem is they seem to not work properly when you need them most. I have a dozen cheap vape pens lying around that may or may not work.

You really do get what you pay for and because of that, I don’t grab those cheap pens when I’m heading off for the weekend or to a friend’s place for the evening. I grab the pen that I know is going to work.

The connections on those cheap pens are very poorly soldered. You don’t dare leave one of them floating around in your pocket because they do come apart easily.

The AtmosRx vaporizers that I have purchased and used have all been quality products that did what they were advertised to do and did it very well. As I said earlier, I started down this road about a yr and a half ago. I had no idea what I needed or where to get it and the internet is an awfully big place.

I purchased a bunch of stuff in the beginning that was drop shipped from China and while some of the products were actually not bad, it took them forever to get here after I purchased them.

Never Be Found Lacking

If I had it all to do over again, I probably wouldn’t buy the cheap 3 for $20 or $10 per with free shipping variety at all. They were okay when they were okay but never anything special. When they failed, and they all failed fairly quick, then all I was left with was a bunch of chargers.

At the time that I bought my first AtmosRx, they all came with the Atmos thread. Atmos Vicod 5G 2nd GenAtmos has since started offering many of their most popular vaporizer pens with the 510 thread. I wholeheartedly recommend the AtmosRx line of vaporizers.

They likely have a kit that will provide the exact vaping experience you are looking for. This article has focused on the more portable vaporizer pens but there are desktop, all-in-one and other unique proprietary systems being introduced all the time.

Do you have a favorite vaporizer style or brand?
Are you new to vaping or are you an old pro?

Whatever your level of experience with vaping, I’d like to hear from you. I know I can learn from like-minded folks and hope that through this site, I can help you find what you need without you having to go through the internet with a fine-toothed comb.

Please email, text or leave your comments at the bottom of the page. And don’t forget to check out my vintage working lighters.


Author: Joseph

Be cautious when anyone tells you what you need or have to do...

4 thoughts on “Best Vaporizer Pens for Weed? A Lighter Mechanic’s Perspective”

  1. Hi, this is an awesome post! By the way congratulations! To answer your question. No, I have never used a vaporizer pen. I’ve seen people use them but, I guess I always assumed that they were called e-cigarettes. Now, after reading your post, I have been educated and now know that all the pens I see are not the same. I never knew they came in different styles or brands. So, that is pretty cool. I definitely knew they needed a battery or charger. Very interesting Read! I learned something new today. Keep up the awesome work! Have a fantastic day!

    1. Well, thank you for the kind words. I’m not very good at working on vaporizers but I do use them a lot and really would like to keep others from making the same mistakes that I made. You should check out some of my vintage lighter articles. They are a lot of fun.

  2. This looks like a heck of a pen. I currently use a Pax 3 vaporizer which isn’t the pen format, but so far I’ve seen a lot of success with it and been happy with the performance and the battery life etc..

    Do you see any real benefit to switching over to a pen format from my Pax?

    1. Thank you, Craig, for the comment.
      I have not used the Pax but if the reviews are any indication, then it is a fine piece of equipment. As for switching, I think it all depends on when you tend to use or need a vaporizer. Personally, I love the versatility that a vape pen has to offer. I use a pen daily but rather than switching, I’ll keep using my Atmos pens and grab one of the higher end, less “portable” vaporizers when I am able. Is it possible to own too many quality vaporizers?

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