Zippo Lighter Review: How Many Different Replica Zippo Lighters Are Available For Purchase On Amazon?

Late last evening I received an email from Zippo Manufacturing Company which prompted a little internet style window shopping. The initial link had led me to the Zippo website browsing their collection of Web Debut Lighters. There were several cool designs present such as the Howdy Cowboy design which got me wondering if the Web Debut lighters were really exclusive to the Zippo site. A quick check of Amazon proved the Howdy Cowboy design was indeed nowhere to be found but I shortly stumbled on so many options of different Replica Zippo lighters I was astounded. I own two regular brushed chrome 1941 Replica Zippos and have been looking to add the Black Crackle version but may have to make room for some others after this late night shopping excursion.

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Black Crackle

I start with the Black Crackle because it is the one I have desired the longest. Even before I owned a single Brushed Chrome example I was shopping for the crackle. The 1941 Replica features many characteristics that are not present on a current regular Zippo Windproof Lighter but a throwback to the nostalgic 1941 design.

The four barrel hinge is aesthetically pleasing and highlights the flat spines of the ’41 Replica that stand in such contrast to the rounded feel of today’s production Zippos. Even looking at a two-dimensional photo taken facing the four barrel hinge is reminiscent of the old lighters.

Supposedly, the process by which the Black Crackle finish is applied differs from that used during World War II but the look is very similar and rings more authentic than when applied to a current design Zippo. I haven’t had one in my hands yet to judge the comparable feel of this finish but look forward to making that discernment soon!

Black Ice Zipper

I am not a huge fan of this Zipper design. Not only the Zipper motif itself but more so its placement on the ’41 Replica to begin with. It seems like a 1980s ad on a 1940s item.

Maybe that’s the point though, an updating of the older design lighter with a newer(though still remindful to today) design advertising type graphic, sort of a conglomeration of nostalgia!

It reminds me a bit of the blue jean motif design I think from the 1990s. Supposedly those were recalled over a trademark dispute with Levi Strauss. I was a big fan of those jeans back then but not real keen on the design of those old jeans or this specific new Zipper design on a Zippo.

Black Ice Zippo Logo

This logo design is applied to the same Black Ice finish as the last lighter but I believe to much better effect. I love this sentimental Zippo Logo design and think the Black Ice finish is the perfect backdrop for its wistful feel.

Some of the coolest designs I’ve seen of late are the bygone box top depictions. Not only box tops but other elements of Zippo’s history like signage on the Bradford headquarters or the various base stamp templates over time.

I recall Chuck Riley at Riley’s 66 having an exclusive design lighter with multiple vintage box tops laid about. Another favorite is the Greetings From Zippo which is currently available as a Web Debut on I’m not sure if this design is technically a box top homage but it has the same heartwarming, evocative feel.

Brushed Brass

Brass Zippos are always popular and I find this brushed finish on the ’41 very appealing. The Black Crackle will be added to my collection first but I won’t be upset if someday the Brushed Brass example comes to roost.

Many folks love to handle and use and witness exactly what kind of patina shows up on brass finish Zippos. I’ve seen countless posts in the Facebook lighter groups over the yrs where people actually chemically force a quick patina on the finish of a lighter. To each their own!

I am intrigued by owning a brand new brass finish lighter as most of my experience with the type has been cleaning up and making presentable examples that someone else has already allowed to oxidize and turn green. I’m not a fan of the “greening” at all so would love to see how this finish held up to being in my hand for a while.

Brushed Chrome

I already own two of these so I’m not really in the market for another but this is a classic and must-own ’41 Replica. It could be seen as the most basic or perhaps the most appropriate for most usage.

The brushed finish will take on scratches, scuffs and other typical blemishes but not necessarily to the detriment of the lighter. Where the Street Chrome finish actually seems to hide scratches, the brushed chrome rather doesn’t draw attention to them.

Experience also tells me Brushed Chrome has been the prevalent Zippo finish since its inception. Sure there have been many high polish and even a few other finishes but the flagship status of the Brushed Chrome finish makes it ideal, especially if contemplating buying a 1941 Replica for your EDC rotation.

High Polish Sterling Silver

These next two will cost you a bit but boy are they stunning! I have owned a couple solid sterling silver Zippo Windproof Lighters and I can’t say that any other ever felt better in my hand.

The late 1940s example with a three barrel hinge was a work of art and felt like a unicorn at the time even if it did have a later replacement insert. The 1950s or ’60s sterling Zippo with the signature “Lewis Gordon” had gathered a nice patina and was a really cool lighter to own.

This High Polish Sterling Silver ’41 Replica would be a bucket list type Zippo for many who collect newer lighters. High Polish is famous for taking on scratches. I have also seen several folks over the yrs who love to use such a high end lighter in their daily life. After all, that’s how you develop that really cool patina!

Satin Sterling Silver

While the High Polish will definitely accentuate most any scratch, the Satin finish may help hide them a bit. The texture may also aid finger purchase as damp fingers may slide on High Polish where the Satin provides more friction.

The Satin finish looks a bit closer to the effect of the Brushed Chrome, of course on the more expensive, precious metal. The Satin is also currently about fifteen dollars more than the High Polish Sterling Zippo on Amazon and that may be a good investment of a few dollars to those averse to scratches that the High Polish may collect.

As I tend to use the lighters in my collection, the Satin Sterling 1941 Replica would be at the top of my list if ever I were to have such discretionary income to add to my collection. It is an appropriate homage to those lighters just before WWII and a good deal reminiscent of many crackle lighters stripped of their paint.

Plenty Of Variety For Everyone!

There are at least eleven different 1941 Replica Zippos available on Amazon and I have explicitly covered only seven in this article. That just goes to show there’s a ’41 Replica out there for everyone, including many Zippo designs we didn’t even mention.

Many of these being sold on Amazon are offered at a pretty deep discount compared to their going rate on the Zippo website or auction sites like Ebay.

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12 thoughts on “Zippo Lighter Review: How Many Different Replica Zippo Lighters Are Available For Purchase On Amazon?”

  1. Your lighter aricle on Zippos has been a nice read this evening. I always remembered many Zippo lighters floating around the high school days during class break where all the smokers would be. It would be the talk of who had the coolest zippo. But you brought to my attention 7 of 11 ’41 Zippo Lighters? I never knew there were that many in circulation! 

    I appreciate the information. Perhaps now I just need to follow your YouTube channel to learn more! 

    1. Thank you Jeremy, I really appreciate you stopping by to read the article and taking the time to share your insights here in the comments section as well. I think Zippo has a similarly familiar nostalgic feel to most of us even if we’ve never laid our own hands on one in our life.

      I specifically remember my Dad and all his buddies(my uncles!) carrying their cigarettes in their t-shirt sleeves back in the 1970s. It’s that same kind of nostalgia, good feeling about a remembered item or notion. That is a lot of ’41 replicas but supposedly the 1941 Replica is the number one selling lighter in Zippo’s catalog, go figure!

      And you should definitely check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel, there’s all kind of information, hijinx and fun going on over there.

  2. Hi there! I found your article on Zippo lighters really interesting, as I’m a big fan of collecting them myself. I appreciate the level of detail you went into when discussing the different types lighters that are available on Amazon. I had no idea that there were so many different replica Zippo lighters out there!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the article Ronnie, thank you for frequenting the site, reading the articles and especially for sharing your insights about Zippo lighters here in the comment section! There are way more different Zippos available to purchase than anyone could realistically expect to be able to collect but that doesn’t seem to stop some dedicated collectors.

      If you think that a lot of replicas in the article, you should check out this article I wrote a while back covering cannabis leaf designs on Zippos over the yrs.

  3. What an interesting niche! The Howdy Cowboy design (I believe that’s the one posted first) reminds me of my first experience of my dad’s lighter. He and my mom were cigarette smokers. I remember playing with their lighters all the time. I wish these designs still exist.  The lighter I particularly like is the Black Ice Zipper. It’s beautiful, but at almost $40, I can’t imagine paying that much for a lighter. I know you said you don’t like it in your review, but I love it. And yes, it does look like an 80s ad on a 1940s item. Great post.

    1. Thank you Shalisha, I appreciate your insight and also for sharing the memories of your mother and father’s lighters. Some of those old designs do still exist today, in fact, some of them are the more popular offering that Zippo has to offer like the Venetian and plain brushed chrome. Of course, the 1941 replica itself is a throwback to a time long ago.

      That Zipper design would be a little steep for me to pay as well but I just plain don’t like the design of the embellishment.

  4. What an impressive collection of Zippo Lighter Amazon has though the Howdy Cowboy design is exclusive to Zippo website. Do you think it can be in Amazon anytime soon? I ask this as Amazon may run some special discounts and I may find a deal there.

    Anyway, I like the Black Ice Zippo. It has become my choice out of the 11 varieties on the blog. 

    I will go for the Black Ice Design shortly. Thanks for sharing this review.

    Best Regards,


    1. Thank you Rohit, I appreciate you stopping by and reading the article. I also want to thank you for your insight in regards to these 1941 replica Zippos available on Amazon.

      I don’t know exactly how long it will take the Howdy Cowboy to arrive in the Amazon listings but my guess would be at least a couple months.

      I understand your hesitancy to purchase direct from Zippo when it seems a better price can usually be found when the lighter is available to purchase from Amazon.

      The Black Ice Logo is one of my favorites as well. Maybe not as favorite as the Howdy Cowboy but I commend your selection nonetheless.

  5. Eleven different replicas are a lot. I have seen the black ice zipper, and I used to think it is the only design. As you rightly said, it’s like a modification of an ancient design. But it is great, and I will be buying it right away. Amazon is a great place to pick lighters. The pricing is always very competitive.

    1. Thank you Parameter, I appreciate you stopping by and sharing with us about your favorite of the replica Zippos available on Amazon.

      I knew that someone would like that Zipper design though it is undoubtedly my least favorite of all the seven highlighted in this article. I am thankful that I included it because it just goes to show that whatever suits my personal preference will not necessarily resound with readers the same way it does with me. I hope you will continue to frequent the site!

  6. Great article. I just bought a Black Crackle replica Zippo lighter and I’m so impressed with the quality! It looks exactly like the original and works great.

     I was surprised to find out that Amazon has such a wide selection of replica Zippo lighters available for purchase – it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for one!

    Cheers Matt H

    1. Thank you Matt, I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your purchasing experience with us here at DependableFlame!

      Yes, Amazon certainly has a wide selection to choose from when it comes to replica Zippos but rest assured, the Black Crackle you bought is right at the top of the list. The only possible better option would be either of the sterling silver models but those would require a much greater layout of cash to own.

      Great choice with the Crackle, I hope you enjoy it!

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