Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert Review: The Best Upgrade So Far

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A few years ago, the Zippo Manufacturing Company in Bradford Pennsylvania began marketing a line of butane fueled lighter inserts meant to be an upgrade to the company’s typical and historical petrol fueled mechanisms. Reaction to these butane inserts was mixed as an upgrade to the limitations of a petrol setup are clearly desired by consumers though the function of the electric arc and single and double torch models met much criticism. The addition of the Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert however, has finally provided the industry and hobby with an upgrade suitable to the iconic Zippo brand.

Do We Really Need This?

There are many limitations inherent in the design of just about any petrol fueled lighter. Insert style lighters even more so as they are prone to evaporation and Zippo is no different, offering no substantial seal either where it is fueled nor where the wick is snuffed.

Evaporation alone is enough of a complaint to warrant an upgrade as most
new users to the petrol lighter world seem to be beside themselves in efforts to prevent their precious fuel from disappearing. The evaporation of fuel that I’ve paid good money for leaking through major gaps between the case & insert and the cavernous lid which may hold some fume but does nothing to stave off evaporation are but a minor nuisance in my way of thinking compared to the functional flaws that come along with trying to light up off a Zippo flame in the Oklahoma wind.

The company’s famous “fan test” may prove that the lighter will not extinguish in the wind but getting that flame to stay still and strong long enough to sufficiently light your smoke are a completely different story. I have given up on using traditional Zippo Lighters in the wind and basically have come to consider the Zippo only suitable for lighting up when indoors.

For these and possibly other reasons, the Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert is a welcomed addition to the Zippo line-up and the lighter market in general. No more skin irritations from leaking petrol in your pocket, just a steady flame suitable to light whatever it is that you smoke.

Fit & Feel

The yellow flame Zippo insert is a snug enough fit inside the Zippo case even if it is a little looser than the standard petrol insert. I start with this issue right off the bat because it is the only negative I perceived when I fueled up and installed my new insert into an old favorite Zippo lighter case.

Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert

It wouldn’t even be worth mentioning if the cam that holds the lid closed was not somewhat wonky in its function as the lid is closed as a result of its fit. I believe with regular use, the cam spring may loosen its tension a bit and function a little more smoothly but straight out of the box, the stiffness of the cam spring in conjunction with the slop that exists where the new yellow flame insert mates with the lighter case results in a slightly awkward force being placed on the lid as it’s being closed.

The aesthetic of faux chimney vents lends an authentic look to this butane insert along with the familiar file wheel that Zippo enthusiasts are used to. This all fits seamlessly and comfortably concealed under the closed Zippo lid.

Function & Flame

The flint sparked element of this new Zippo Butane insert should not be underestimated as the piezoelectric spark provided by the previous torch and arc Zippo inserts resulted in a cheaper feel to the overall product. The inclusion of the flint/file wheel mechanism is a clear upgrade and makes maintenance on the new insert more inline with what Zippo users are familiar with and a step back away from the piezo mechanism which may have a relatively long life but is much more difficult to repair in the long run than a clogged flint tube.

Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert

There is no adjustment available for the size or strength of the flame but this may not necessarily be a bad thing as the moving parts that make adjustments possible can often lead to issues that harm the reliability of a lighter. The Zippo Refillable Butane soft yellow insert produces a strong flame that stands up to the Oklahoma wind and is more than sufficient and substantial enough to make it your EDC(Every Day Carry) lighter to depend on.

The force of the butane flame that is produced is more than strong enough to withstand the strongest winds without all the dancing around that is inherent with a Zippo petrol flame in the wind. This insert actually has me using my Zippo to lighter up outside again and with none of the attendant frustrations that accompany a typical Zippo flame.

Neither Here Nor There

Some consumers will point to the fact of this product being manufactured in China as a negative. I think we would be hard-pressed to find a butane lighter on the market today that is not produced in China including the Ronson JetLite which is actually owned by Zippo.

File Wheel/Flint Sparked Yellow Flame Butane Insert(Lighter Case Purchased Separately)

Of course, I would prefer to purchase products that are made in the good ol’ USA but the main thing that I require is that the product function as it is intended without any glaring limitations or insufficiencies. My specialty is old petrol lighters but when it comes to promoting new products for sale here at this website that I have named DependableFlame it is very important to me that they truly be “dependable”.

This Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert is the most dependable and reliable butane lighter with a soft flame that I have come across so far. It offers the convenience of the plastic disposable lighters that are readily available every time you pick up your smokes without the irresponsible element of using a disposable lighter that is horrible for the environment.

The strong butane flame is suitable for many purposes, including held sideways to suck down into a pipe. Great as a standup flame for traditional use. Absolutely marvelous in the Oklahoma wind.


I wholeheartedly recommend the Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert for use by anyone who’s every been frustrated about trying to light up with a Zippo without having to chase it around or the flame burning through the side of the cigarette in the smallest of perceivable winds. This is an upgrade and an appropriate one for the standard of the Zippo name.

Bottom View Of Insert Gas Inlet & Fint Spring Screw(Lighter Case Purchased Separately)

Readily available on Ebay for under $20, this upgrade of an insert is also an excellent value at a bargain price that will preclude few consumers from its purchase. Stay tuned for further updates and video reviews but thus far I couldn’t be more pleased with this Zippo product.

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Author: Joseph

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10 thoughts on “Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert Review: The Best Upgrade So Far”

  1. Thank you for recommending Zippo refillable yellow flame. I like to have a lighter that will not burn through the sides of my precious sticks. The top of it is that it’s an upgrade on a quality product. And I agree with you that what is essential is having a functional lighter. A lighter that performs as expected, irrespective of where it is made from. Whether it is China or USA.

    1. You make several good points Parameter, thank you for sharing your insights here and for taking the time to read the review. I get that people in the US are prone to want to buy products made in the US simply because relying on foreign production can cause major delays when the supply chain is disrupted as we have clearly witnessed over the course of the last few yrs but when there isn’t a comparable American made product then all bets are off! This is an impressive product so far and I am thrilled I purchased it.

  2. The Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame seems to address some common complaints associated with traditional Zippo lighters. The issue of fuel evaporation, which many users experience, can be frustrating and leads to wasted money. Additionally, the challenge of lighting up in windy conditions has been a significant drawback for Zippo users.

    This article expresses satisfaction with the addition of the refillable butane insert to the Zippo lineup. This new insert eliminates the problem of leaking petrol, preventing any skin irritations and ensuring a steady flame. They appreciate that the insert fits snugly into the Zippo case, even though it may be slightly looser than the standard petrol insert.

    Overall, this article highlights the positive aspects of the Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert, emphasising its ability to address common issues faced by Zippo users.

    1. Thank you Demi, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and not only read the article but leave a comment as well. This soft yellow butane insert really is a major upgrade to the standard Zippo petrol insert that everyone is familiar with. They really did a good job with the aesthetic of the butane insert as well with the file wheel looking similar enough and the faux vents in the “windscreen” provide that nostalgic Zippo look that is so appealing.

  3. Hi there, overall, the Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame lighter offers a convenient and improved alternative to traditional Zippo lighters. Its butane fuel and soft yellow flame make it easier and more pleasant to use, while its wind-resistant design ensures reliability in challenging outdoor conditions.

     One of the most common complaints about traditional Zippo lighters is that they can be difficult to light in windy conditions. The Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame addresses this issue by using a butane fuel source, which produces a flame that is much more resistant to wind.

    1. Hey Herman, thanks for stopping by and reading the article. It is a very reliable flame and I don’t have any problem saying that I think it is world’s better than the flame produced by a regular Zippo. And like you said, this is especially a better option when outdoors in any kind of windy conditions because the Zippo petrol insert flame tends to dance around like it’s juking or trying to avoid a tackle like Barry Sanders when he was playing for the Detroit Lions.

  4. Great job, yet again! It’s evident that you have thoroughly examined and analyzed the Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert. Your detailed assessment of the limitations of petrol-fueled lighters and the benefits offered by this new insert is highly informative.

    I appreciate how you addressed the common issues faced with traditional Zippo lighters, such as evaporation and difficulties in lighting them in windy conditions. Your experience and perspective provide valuable insights to readers who may have encountered similar frustrations.

    Your positive feedback on the fit, feel, and functionality of the insert further reinforces its value. The inclusion of the flint/file wheel mechanism, in particular, seems to be a notable improvement that enhances the overall user experience.

    1. Thank you Anoth, I really appreciate you stopping by again my friend! The flint/file wheel mechanism is a definite upgrade from the piezoelectric spark that is generated by the previous entries to the Zippo butane insert market. When piezo mechanisms fail there isn’t generally anything that can be done to renew them as the mechanism simply breaks where the flint spark allows for renewal anytime it is needed simply by dropping in a new flint. Flint tubes can get clogged by degraded flint but this doesn’t happen in active lighters but rather those that are left to set in unfavorable conditions unattended for long periods of time. Stop by again soon!

  5. This article reviewing the Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert is an excellent resource for Zippo enthusiasts seeking an upgrade for their lighters. The author’s detailed assessment of the product’s features and performance showcases a thorough understanding of its capabilities. I appreciate the emphasis on the soft yellow flame and its advantages, such as its stable flame being more appropriate to light up in the wind. The information provided on the refillable butane system and its convenience is also valuable. The inclusion of pros and cons adds a balanced perspective to the review. Overall, this article serves as a valuable guide for Zippo users looking to enhance their lighting experience. Thank you for sharing your insights and helping readers make informed decisions when considering the Zippo Refillable Butane Soft Yellow Flame Insert as an upgrade.

    1. Thank you Lauren, I really appreciate you taking the time to read the article and leave such a detailed comment about everything that the Zippo butane Yellow flame insert has to offer. It really does provide a much better flame to light up with in any kind of wind compared with the petrol flame that Zippo enthusiasts are accustomed to. I can’t recall how many butane lighters I have used over the years trying to find a suitable alternative to a Zippo and this is perfect because it is used right there in you old Zippo case!

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