The Best Gift For Your Father’s Day Is A Zippo Windproof Lighter

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Every June, Father’s Day rolls around and offspring of all ages are perplexed about what gift to buy their dad that he will appreciate, use and cherish. Most dads are easy to please, would prefer just to spend time with their kids and don’t typically give much thought to the question of what a “good” gift would be but if you are looking to standout from your siblings or other gift-givers, the best gift for your Father’s Day is a Zippo Windproof Lighter.

Is Dad A Smoker?

If Dad is a smoker then a refillable Zippo lighter is a no-brainer of a gift! Everyone knows the distinctive “click” of the lid as it opens and the dependable functionality of the lighter that saw it skyrocket into our national consciousness beginning with World War II and growing in popularity ever since.

What many folks fail to consider is the elementary nature of the function of the lighter mechanism itself. Where modern butane lighters often leak or fail through seals and o-rings that require replacement if there’s any hope for the lighter to be repaired, petrol fueled lighters such as Zippos are much easier to maintain and repair should anything go wrong or just simple maintenance need to be performed.

A Zippo that needs service can be stripped down of its expendable materials and replaced by just about anyone in only a matter of minutes. I have performed these projects on video several times for the instruction of others to demonstrate how simple of a job it really is.

And if your dad is the kind of man who doesn’t typically repair things himself, then that’s no problem either as the Zippo Repair Clinic will gladly receive his broken lighter and return it in perfect working order at no cost to him. Zippo will perform a variety of actual repairs including hinge reattachment but for most mechanism failures will simply replace the insert with a new one. However it’s achieved, if you send in a non-working Zippo lighter they will return it to you in perfect, working order.

Dad’s Not A Smoker? That’s Okay!

Perhaps your dad doesn’t smoke but loves to spend time in the great outdoors or maybe he’s a Zippo collector or EDC(Every Day Carry) enthusiast. Whatever your dad’s non-smoking interests happen to be, there’s a Zippo Windproof lighter that would suit his fancy and leisure time perfectly, including the option to add an image or custom engraving pertinent to him.

Many dads enjoy hunting, camping, fishing or other outdoor activities where the ability to light a fire can come in very handy. A Zippo is a great source for starting fires as is evident by the number of movies that portray them being tossed into fuel soaked crime scenes or grass hut villages.

I have witnessed several collecting fathers in the various Facebook lighter groups showing off Zippos their children or family had customized in some personal way and presented to them for Father’s Day or another special occasion. Most collectors have certain themes around which they’ve built their collection but a personalized gift from their children may instantly become the pinnacle of the collection and their proudest to show off!

EDC devotees are always keen to add another item into their pockets or simply into the rotation of items they use and carry even if that already includes a Zippo or other lighter. Can you imagine your Pop pulling out his Zippo to melt down the end of a piece of twine he’s using for a project and then proudly telling his companions how his favorite son(wink,wink!) bought that lighter for him?

Customize His Experience

The Zippo Windproof Lighter has historically been operated as a petrol fueled lighter and most still are to this day. However, recent developments in the technology of butane fueled mechanisms also make it possible to have multiple options available regarding the flame achieved and fuel used for any particular Zippo.

The Zippo Manufacturing Company in Bradford, PA itself markets at least three different versions of butane fueled inserts that will slide right into the Zippo case just like the old style petrol mechanisms. There are single and double torch versions along with the soft yellow flame mechanism that was released more recently.

The Single Torch is appropriate for any number of practical uses including the lighting of commercially produced cigarettes and smaller stuffed marijuana cones. They are also great for lighting incense, candles and other household applications.

The Double Torch version is great for lighting cigars and blunts that require a wider point of contact to get them lit evenly. The Double Torch mechanism could also come in handy helping to loosen ceased or frozen mechanisms of many sorts and heating dab implements.

The Soft Yellow Flame Butane Insert is attractive to many because its flame mimics that of most of the cheap, plastic butane lighters that most of today’s smokers are familiar with. These Zippo butane inserts may contain some plastic materials but are generally more sturdily built than most plastic lighters and are all refillable which is a major selling point in my opinion.

Lay On The Accessories

If you like to splurge on the gifts you buy for your dad and a single Zippo just doesn’t seem enough, then consider adding an accessory or two that are sure to sweeten the pot. The company has many options available from sealed Fuel Canisters and Carry Pouches to ashtrays and the expendable materials needed to maintain a Zippo such as flints, wick, fuel and wadding.

The Zippo Fuel Canister is constructed of quality, lightweight aluminum and fitted with thick rubber grommets to prevent leaking or evaporation. The fuel canister will prove to be an invaluable tool to anyone who is prone to forgetting to keep their lighter fueled and it has saved me personally on more than one occasion.

Carry Pouches are a popular accessory for many who wish to keep their Zippo on a belt or other convenient attachment. These are constructed of Leather, Woven Paracord or Tactical Synthetic materials, although the leather cases do have a tendency to leave marks on the Zippos they store from the metal snap that hold the case closed.

There are two different options of Zippo Ashtrays available that both show off the iconic company’s logo. The Black Plastic Four Rest version is very affordable yet attractive while the Chrome Three Rest option is a little more expensive but also a bit more classy in appearance and sturdy in construction.

Flints, wicks, fuel and wadding are all you should ever need in order to maintain your Zippo in proper functioning condition and they can be purchased separately or in various assortments of kits depending on your specific needs, including the Zippo All-In-One Kit. Much mileage should be attained from any new Zippo though before any sort of maintenance other than flint and fuel will be necessary.

Show Dad How You Appreciate Him

My old man was a pretty simple guy and he was a great Dad! I can remember some gifts that I gave him over the yrs that obviously meant more to him than others, though he never required a gift to make me feel like he loved me.

He quit smoking cigarettes when I was a very young boy but we spent so much time together hunting and fishing in the outdoors of Oklahoma that I know he would have loved to receive a gift such as a Zippo. He would have used it to start untold numbers of campfires and possibly even to help me light a joint, though I never saw him partake of the stuff himself.

It’s a meaningful and useful gift that most any father would love even if only because you, his child gave it to him.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Gift For Your Father’s Day Is A Zippo Windproof Lighter”

  1. This is such an amazing, and affordable, gift idea! It’s always best to get our fathers gifts early before the date is near. I love that the zippo lighter is lightweight and works efficiently for all needs. The size of it is also very convenient for all dads and everyone in general. Thank you for sharing. I’d be sure to give this lighter a go for Father’s Day!

    1. Terrific to hear Stephanie and I am glad you enjoyed the article! There are way more uses for a Zippo lighter than just lighting up something to smoke. A Zippo would even be a good and useful gift to give a mother for her special day. I have seen it estimated in various places that around fifty percent of people who collect Zippo lighters don’t even smoke! Whether smoking or not there is always another use for a Zippo Windproof lighter.

  2. I can say is that if your dad is a smoker, getting him a lighter would be a great gift for Father’s Day, which this gives me an other people a good idea what to give your father, because it is nice to get a gift to your father when in this day in age fathers are not valued in the home much.

    1. I agree Prince! Smoking dads and dads of all kinds can benefit from the gift of a Zippo lighter. There are so many purposes for which you could need a flame and in some settings the Zippo is the perfect flame to use. Add in the fact that they are so voluminously embellished advertising and other themed motifs that just about anyone can find a Zippo that suit their unique personality or style. It is nice to be able to honor hour fathers when we have the opportunity. My Dad passed a few years ago and I miss him greatly but look forward to seeing him again in Jesus kingdom!

  3. What a novel idea. I think I am going to purchase one for my husband. He is not a smoker but loves to make fires outdoors to cook on, and since we live in a windy city, it can prove troublesome lighting the fires in the wind with a small lighter he has. However, having one that is windproof in our windy city will be ideal. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

    1. You bet Michel, I am glad you liked the idea! You know, there is no telling how many Zippo collectors had their initiation into the hobby through the gift of a Zippo lighter from a loved one even though they didn’t smoke. To me the coolest part of owning lighters is using them so it’s all cool with me if people want to collect them but in the end I would rather see them being used. Thats why it’s good there are consumers out there like your husband who find other uses for these helpful devices.

  4. Finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day can be a challenge, but this year, look no further than the Zippo lighter! Not only is it a thoughtful and practical gift, but it’s also affordable. Plus, by getting your gift early, you can avoid the stress of last-minute shopping. The Zippo lighter is a classic, lightweight accessory that is not only stylish but also functional. 

    Whether your dad likes to light up cigars or just needs a reliable lighter for everyday use, the Zippo has got him covered. It’s easy to use and refill, making it a long-lasting gift that your dad will appreciate for years to come.

    What’s more, the Zippo lighter is a great conversation starter. It’s a timeless accessory that never goes out of style and is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. And with so many designs to choose from, you can find one that matches your dad’s personality perfectly.

    1. I agree with you one hundred percent Herman! It is kind of a lost art to most people in our society today but there are still those people out there that count topping off the fuel in their Zippo among the chores that they must accomplish on a regular basis. I know that most people don’t mind wasting money on disposable plastic lighters at the gas station which by the way are horrible for the environment but that’s another story but by just keeping your Zippo or other petrol lighter regularly fueled you will find out that it is just as dependable and capable a tool as when it was invented.

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